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Many thanks for the replies.

I managed to remain over 90% disciplined during the last year’s Piedmont buying - I blame TWS (that’s you lot by the way! :smiley:) for me missing out on some Brovia Brea Vigna Ca’Mia by building up my hopes for Burlotto (which was never part of the plan), but in mitigation I got a case of Massolino and a case of Alessandria San Lorenzo Di Verduno to make up, so I suppose on balance all’s well.

I’d really like to finish off the 2016’s with some Elvio Cogno Riservas and (obvs, for me) Castillo Di Verduno Monvigliero when they are both released in a couple of years, so I have neither budget nor desire for the full 9 case. My only hope of getting a handful of them (ie individual bottles, not cases) was TWS, as I don’t think L&W carry them.


This is why we really need a ‘coming soon’ section on the website.


Good idea !

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Isn’t that what this bit of the website is?


Sometimes! :rofl:

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Apart from you orrible lot (many thanks though), are there any JLL style (country specialist, rather than all signing / dancing generalists perhaps) subscription services for a spot of in depth reading and ratings for Italian wines (Barolo, Brunello, etc) that anyone would recommend?

I don’t know if these offers still stand, but through CT you can get a 2-month free subscription (per email address :wink:) on Vinous Media. Antonio Galloni is considered the premier voice on Piedmont in many circles. I like him, but I take his reviews with a pinch of salt.

Also, if you sign up with email (free), Wine Enthusiast’s Kerin O’Keefe is a good read (and for me, probably most aligned to what I like). The website is winemag.com (I think).

Again, Purple Pages (Jancis Robinson) allows a trial, the reviewer of Piedmont is Walter Speller - again, like KOK his tastes seem close-ish to mine.

And Monica Larner is the Wine Spectator’s principle reviewer for Piedmont. I think to can get a certain amount of free content - certainly enough to make some decisions.

At the start start of last year, Decanter Premium was offering a two-month free trial. They have extensive Piedmont reviews for about the last 10 vintages. Don’t know if the trial is still available, I’ve used mine up, but it was very useful for the 2016’s.


Yes it still works, I used it just recently to see me through the Rhone and Burgundy offers. Obviously a little bit scant this year due to the pandemic.

So far I quite like it, and the functionality if you use Cellartracker is seamless… In fact I use the CT search function rather than the Vinous website itself. In fairness though you can generally find quite a lot of the Vinous (and others) scores and notes gratis simply by searching merchants like Farr, BBR, KL etc. It just takes a lot longer, and time (as they say) is money…


I hope you don’t mind me being nosey but do you remember what you paid for the Produttori mixed case?

It was £475.


The 2016 is (probably was now) £515.


I found the 2015 case for £360 ib
I’m feeling tempted


Was this at the TWS website?

No, Asset Wines about 6 weeks ago. I suspect they’ll be long gone by now.

I doubt that very much… :laughing:

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A post on Vinous discussing the current price of the Burlotto Monvigliero 2016 bottle.
Around £556 per bottle.
The Burlotto Cannubi 2016 over £500 DP per bottle.
It makes me laugh that there are those who walk this planet, who are prepared to pay these prices.
And yes, I do know what DRC goes for!! :rofl: :dragon:


And Kerin O’Keefe scores it the same as the Cavallotto Bricco Boschis, which is still available for a tenth the price.


Current offer price that is, not sure whether anyone is actually paying that…

Happy to have a few of each, but would never pay that sort of price. I was due to open one of each 4 of the Burlotto Barolo 2016s at a dinner in November last year but cancelled due to lockdown. I hope to reconvene the dinner when things open up again and will do so without thinking of the opportunity cost as I bought these to drink.


£500 for a bottle of Barolo is ludicrous
A whole case can be bought for that and the enjoyment and quality will be the same


Makes me consider selling my single of 2014!