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Montestefano the pick of those, for me.

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Did you see the Langhe mixed case appear last night??


If you mean this one, then no and thanks. Duly purchased and only two cases left!

I have had the Paolo Conterno before and, in fact, it’s the wine that persuaded me to explore Italian wines further. Very accessible and a great introduction to this region. Thanks for highlighting it.


No, and all gone now.:frowning:

But thank you for pointing this out.

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I wonder how many cases were offered?

When I first posted it in the other thread, there were only 22.

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First I missed the 2016 Nebbiolo case, now I appear to have missed a three-vintage Flaccianello case :cry:

Yes, and given the demand, odd it’s been reduced by £20.

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gone already!

there was just one case or two, probably someone no longer had any use for it


It does look like someones wine has just appeared and been snapped up, with a single case of Thalbert and this.


Phew - it’s ok, I already have 4 of these cases in reserves. :grin:

I remember that specific case from a few Christmasses back.

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Was it the 13/14/15 one? I bought three of those :grinning:

Yes, it was 13/14/15.

Hoping someone here can help. I know nothing Barolo, and have acquired a bottle of GB Burlotti Acclivi 2011. Is it any good? Is it a glugger for pizza/spag bol or a sipper to enjoy with a good cut of meat? Should it be drunk now or can it be kept? Can’t find much info on t’internet.


Lucky you. I’ve not had any wines from that grower, but I know they are very well-regarded on these pages. I’d say not a glugger, though you might not be able to stop sipping once you start!

I think 2011 is a relatively early-drinking vintage, though will probably last for a little while to come. There are many others more experiencced in Barolo who will be able to give you better advice on drinking dates, opening times and decanting etc. but I hope you really enjoy it when you decide to open.


just out of interest, has anyone else had their order of the 2016 Nebbiolo case cancelled, or am I the only lucky one?

I also had my order cancelled. So at least 2 of us.

Me too. Ho hum