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Hi @willrcwyatt
I am so sorry to be the cause of wine based anxiety! (Surely the worst type!?) But, yes, for Fontodi we did get reasonable stocks so although I’m sure it will sell out, it shouldn’t do so too quickly…,
As to other Italians pre Christmas we should be nearly there. By Monday all wines included in my offer will be live, and there are no other major Italian activities planned pre 2021, although we are juggling stocks and trying to maintain good breadth as members stock up for Christmas so a few more small stocks may go live as others sell through to keep a little interest going…


I was JUST about to press the order button @Sarah but now I’ll hold off…!

Thanks for the Fontodi reassurance. I’ve got sangiovesanxiety.


I hate it when that happens. Like when Veneto wines start selling out and I get into a Pieropanic.


PRESS IT! unless you’re actively monitoring stocks of everything you want and are comfortable there’s loads left, you’re going to have a weekend of Sangiovanxiety. You can always add more if you’ve got a few days spare on your delivery date.


I think I snaffled the last case…


I’ll second that; it’s great to be corresponding directly with @Sarah about these wines.
I’m a Fontodi fan too, I’m not sure my budget will run to much of these top wines, but I’m super-happy to have a doz of the 2016 Classsico tucked away :smiley:


Just seen this link on Social Media. Broad guide to Italian grape varieties.


Anyone have any experience of the below. Seems a good deal at the price


Suckling warning aside he has given it 100points


Alas, apparently a stock error - no more Burlotto Normale ‘16 until I join the scrum for mixed halves!

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I’m very sorry to hear it (though I’m sure there are worse things that could happen to you).

I feel you’ve been taking my mild tease more seriously than it deserves.

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Oh, not at all, just thought i’d point out I didn’t quite get as lucky as hoped in case anyone was too green-eyed :smile:

Is this a good price (factoring the discount)?


I paid £34.50 for a bottle of the 2015 recently. Don’t know about how the price fluctuates between vintage but looks decent price on that basis

reasonable price, but I bought the 2016 for less not so long ago.

Plus 2014 was a reasonably weak vintage in Montalcino.

This just arrived. All 4 Planeta wines listed by @Sarah to add to the bottles of Cometa and Planeta Chardonnay that I had already purchased. The three-family bubble will come in handy.


I did the same - have all four coming mid December

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I wonder if any of you Planeta fanciers out there could sell them to me. I recall trying a couple from Carluccio’s and being underwhelmed. I thought them nondescript and international. What would you recommend to dispel this myth, if it is a myth?

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What did you have.? I’m not a big fan of their chardonnay, for example (though it’s quite possible they’ve scaled them back with the fashion), but the selection above looks like indigenous grapes all round, which I’ve generally enjoyed from them and found well made.

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I will tell you when I tried them soon. What have you tried from them?

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