The Italian Inquirer

Burton Anderson’s Vino was just about the first book worth reading on Italian wines, but I thoroughly recommend Vino 11 that has been out a couple of years, until recently there has been a dearth of Italan wine publications, as with Germany.


Anyone read Amarone and the fine wines of Verona by Michael Garner from the infinite ideas Classic Wine Library. I just picked up their wines of Portugal and the Wines of the Rhône with a 30% off code and they seem excellent. The later one already praised elsewhere on the Community.


Some great books in that series - may I be cheeky and ask where you got the 30% off code?

I found the discount code on the internet and it was WSET30 which I used on 19/02/23. Very impressed with the Rhône book so far with great information on different vine training styles and their effect on the wines along with using stems or not and their ripeness. Great to see how the choices the individual producers take can shape their wines. Might cause me to make a few different wine choices to experiment.

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This book is not an encyclopaedia but nicely goes from region to region and identifies the producers to seek out.