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It’s odd, because Italians also like large (occasionally REALLY large) formats for their wines, there’s no shortage of Supertuscans and southern Italian wines in bigger bottles, but it’s not really caught on in Barolo. I had a magnum of 2004 Massolino Parafada (which while not a common wine, isn’t exactly a rare one either) and that was labelled as being one of a 100. I’d guess at the moment it’s a bit of a chicken and egg thing, no one buys it in magnum because it’s not available so no one bottles it.

It’ll surprise no one to know I’d happily by Barolo in magnum.


The 2020 La Rocca has appeared for sale. I couldn’t resist a case for reserves as it’s just such a good white wine, and not overpriced (yet).

This has sealed a surprising decision I’ve been mulling over: I’m going to give the 2019 Barolo EP a miss. The reason? I have loads of 2016 in reserves and at a maximum Barolo rate of, say, 15 bottles a year, there’s just too much overlap between their drinking dates and those for the 2019s.

Also, I’m more excited by the prospect of getting more Greek and SA treasures into reserves, to add variety in 2 exciting areas.

So tempted to change my mind but best to stay firm, I think.


I might have to tempt you
You can thank me later :slightly_smiling_face:


Did anyone else do the Cavallotto tasting? I watched it later in the evening, rather than live. Slightly to my surprise, I enjoyed the Barbera most. Tasting it alongside their Langhe Nebbiolo was interesting; the latter seemed a little lean and unforgiving by comparison but perhaps isn’t ready yet.

Fascinating to taste the 2019 Bricco Boschis at such an early stage, too.


Yes we had the pack too. The Barbera was a bit too sharp for me at present. Think Sarah said it could perhaps do with another year in bottle to soften?
Agree about the langhe but it was tough company for it to run with. Most surprised at how nice the 19 was. Had expected it to be impenetrable but actually got a lot from it.
Mrs Lewis tried all 4 blind and declared the 2013 best. Followed by the 19, then the langhe and the barbera last.
Thought it would help with EP decision making but if anything has made new add new possibilities to the list.


This is interesting to hear- Cavallotto themselves give much reduced drink dates compared to the 2010 and 2015 on their own website.

I made mention of this in my tasting note on CT a couple (ish?) years ago, assuming it to be an error (to cut a long story short, they give different drink dates on the Italian and English versions of the website, and by quite some margin on some wines), so now I’m intrigued. I thought it would be years off - in keeping with the perceived profile of the vintage - though in mitigation I would add that I always think in general 2013 is much more approachable than its ever given credit for.

(And out of interest does Mrs Lewis have a bit more info if it’s not too much trouble? :grinning: )

Gosh, I feel like a sniper, who’s taking account wind direction, movement etc but not taking into account the twenty year passage of the beholder.

Experience wise 95% of the experiences in wine can be had sub £25ish IMO.

What lies above can induce epiphanies but also disappointments. Skewed to disappointments due to expectation.

By the time Barolo 2019 EP comes round to drink will I even be drinking alcohol by then?


This is tempting me, does anyone have any thoughts?


@Sarah the value appears to be £0.00 when added to the basket

[EDIT: seems fixed]

Lucky you! Quick, order all of them…

I’m not so lucky


Love these wines. Thanks for the tip off!

Do they justify the quite high price tag. I am interested and pay almost as much for the Fontodi Vigna del Sorbos so if you reckon they would compare favourably with them then I would consider paying the price. I’m a bit hesitant as I’ve not tried them before and when I first tried the Vigna del Sorbo it was at a rather more affordable price! One bottle at this price is a good risk but three a bit more scary but how to choose?


Good question. I think it depends how much you like the style and what you are comparing it to.

The VdS is probably my single favourite wine so I think it’s worth much more than it costs. I’d compare good Gran Selezione Chianti with Brunello and the latter is generally more expensive.

I think the GS wines, including Ricasoli’s trio, need plenty of time - 10+ years - to really show their magic.


If you are a lover of VdS and also recommend these then that makes them very tempting! :smiley:

Surely the 2023-2030 drinking window for these delights is overly conservative. Other websites put the end date closer to the mid 2040s. Thanks for people’s comments and knowledge share as I have zilch experience of these wines.




Not beyond some affirmatory “mmmms”.
I thought the 13 was ready to drink, the tannins were there but didnt stick out. What did others think?
Hard to make a proper appraisal sharing a 50 ml pour of course.

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Just imagine what you could do with the £2 you save when you buy a three bottle case! TWS are throwing money at us.

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Never mind that, I want to know how those living high on the hog feel about draining the rest of us of the sweat off our brows with such a vast subsidy sustaining their opulent wine purchases?


The case of three does come in a rather pretty OWC which doubles as a handy monitor stand.