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@Rafa Yes. I bought 6 EP

It’s my review on the
TWS site. I thought it excellent and should only get better. The 5 star review reflects the potential as much as the experience with this first bottle.

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@Tom_R much appreciated

sold out on Waitrose now

For lovers of the slightly less commonly seen lagrein grape I notice there’s a new Castel Firmian appeared. Not sure how new but I’ve only just noticed it. Lagrein Riserva, Castel Firmian Mezzacorona 2018


Thank you, Mike! :smiley:

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I bought the 2015 and have opened a couple of bottles, one mid and one late 2021.

Were drinking very well, much better than expected with so little age on them and much better than another 2015 Brunello that I opened at a similar time which definitely needed more time in the bottle to soften up.


At a wine bar on Thursday I had a glass of Slarina, which was a new grape to me. Google suggests that there probably isn’t a huge amount of it around, but the one I had, which I’m fairly sure was

was good enough to make me wonder if anyone here has other recommendations? It was a much more social than wine focussed evening, but this would have been excellent value at £12, and generally seemed more interesting than anything I’ve had in the Dolcetto or Freisa lines.


I wonder why we haven’t had the usual Piemonte curiosities on the list this summer (Dolcetto, Grignolino, Freisa, Pelaverga…) I love drinking these lightly chilled.

I wonder if @Sarah could let us know if any of these are due in at some point? Or are the “other” Burlotto wines no longer being listed?


Curious too, that Pelaverga is great. Imagine it’s harder and harder for them to get any kind of volume in nowadays though.

My understanding is that the WS has a long-standing relationship with the winery, so I’m curious to know what’s happening there. Haven’t seen any Burlotto wines on the list for long time now.

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It’s a shame really as many members love them.
I got a case of their Pelaverga a few months back from another merchant as I wasn’t sure anymore if would be listed again


I’d be okay (albeit reluctantly) buying it from other sources, but I guess I’d just like to know if there’s any coming in, or what’s going on.

I have wondered the same, Will. Sarah said she was keeping the half bottles of normale barolo back for a future mixed case (‘15 was the last offered) - a shame as I used to get a case each time but understand why.

Sebastian told me a few years back they only got a ten dozen or so of the pelaverga. I bought some Barbera elsewhere this year. Be good to mix up some Barbera, Dolcetto, Pelaverga and Freisa if TWS do get them in though.

I need to bring some of my Pelaverga 2019s home from bond and crack on I think!


A Burlotto mixed case would be just the ticket!

It’s just a shame as these wines are perfect for summer drinking so - if the WS does have stock- I’d like to know why they’re not being sold (and that goes for the half bottles of the normale too).


I wonder if there is an offer coming around the time of the Italian tasting this month, I certainly hope so!


Were these a regular offer? '15 is before my joining TWS, but I suspect this would be a perfect annual purchase.

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Yep, remember buying individual ‘08s and 10s and have a case each of 13 and 15. Well the 13 is more than half drank….


Hi, i’m after some recommendations from this wine list. https://www.regina-adelaide.it/uploads/Pagine/REGIO_PATIO_GARDA_CARTA_VINI.pdf
I’m currently in lake Garda and having dinner here on Thursday, I wanted a really nice bottle of red wine but trying to keep it under €100 for a bottle what would people recommend? I’ve been eyeing up the Barolos on the list as they have a few with some age on at what seems an ok price but I don’t know much about the producers. I am extremely tempted by the 08 Tignanello but I think it may be a little to much for me to spend! Look forward to seeing what you all recommend while lazing round the pool!


Brunello di Montalcino, Il Poggione 2011
I finished a case of that and in my opinion is excellent. At 85 euros it’s very well priced as I think it retails for around 40


The list is full of great wines at good prices TBH and I don’t think you’ll go wrong. 2010 San Leonardo at 110? I bet the Tignanello would be good as you say.

For me I’d be tempted by this (it is over budget) but good value. Here’s the list price via retail

I absolutely love their wines. Sorry its over budget and another caveat would be the alcohol level (which doesn’t impact balance or taste with these guys)

Sorry I’m bad with budgets! Enjoy the evening