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Anyone any views on the Barolo Bussia 2010 - Colla, we had the 2013 only a few days ago, so who knows what’s going to be released next but on the face of it this looks a good buy ?

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Sorry another thought / question to the WS team, following on from recent chat on counterfeit wine, I am assuming this wine has been released from WSR, but can you confirm and would it be possible to add the providence on wines going forward ?

Speaking of counterfeit wine:


Hi all. I’ve been away a while, hope all are well and are still enjoying some wonderful wines!

I have quite a specific question on Italian wine, thought I’d pop back here and lo and behold - a whole thread dedicated to the topic!

My question is - how old a Barolo would you consider? I have a rare and time limited chance to get hold of a 1974 Riserva - Guasti Clemente. Any idea if this is worth entertaining or if it’s likely to be well past its best? I understand the bottle was largely stored by the producers and it was a very personal vintage for them (hence late release)

Asking price is £85 which is a lot more than I’d usually spend but this seems a very rare opportunity

Appreciate any thoughts


Is this from the estate? If so I would probably take a punt. Had Guasti Clemente, albeit much younger, but the 1989 basic Barolo was absolutely fine a few years ago. I had a 1974 Barolo from auction (Paolo Scavino), which was verging on horrible, so provenance is key (as always). 1974 is a notable Barolo vintage, so good chance of it being enjoyable, especially that it is a Riserva.

Good to see you back here :slight_smile:


Just picking up on this, and the timing is very prophetic… Keep an eye out for a digital Italian Fine Wine offer that will go live towards the end of the month…


Uh oh - will that be the sort of offer that typically causes me to spend vast sums of money very quickly…?


Thanks, and nice to hear from you too!

I believe it is from the estate, yes. I’ll ask a few questions later and may well take a punt in that case! Nothing ventured and all that…


apart from some Californian, this region was the only one to give anything decent in 1974…so, if its a special year go for it

tell us what its like


I had a 2009 last year, albeit not the reserva and it had a long life ahead of it! Still lots of acidity, tannin and fruit. Tbh, i opened it too soon so i would take a punt for sure!

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Evening Sarah,

How is the Ridge shipment, has it landed safely are we going to see these listed soon ?


Quick update. Having had a good look at the bottles, asking a few questions and knowing they’d been with the producer until a few weeks ago, we went for it. Even got a guarantee on them if they’re no good

Picked up the remaining two for £70 a pop. Will open one with father in law and one with friends over the festive period

Thanks for the advice, will report back


Just saw this Chianti Clasico, any good? I thought CC.needed more bottle age, but probably not then.

A few Sicilian wines from Terre Siciliane also appeared today.

I bought a case of the 2016 Riecine and have enjoyed them very much. I’d have said it’s a style that drinks relatively early - leaning towards the fresh, tangy side of chianti.

Quite tempted myself.

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I have just bought another 6 bottles of the Feudi di San Gregorio Piano Montevergine Taurasi


I don’t normally buy more than 6 bottles to keep the selection varied but have bought more of this as (1) the bottle I opened was so good I know I’m not going to be able to keep my hands of it, (2) it’s not that easy to find this wine in the UK (3) it will age forever so no rush to drink them and (4) it’s on special offer!

Hoping that one day TWS will stock some Taurasi, the Barolo of the South.


The only Italian wines that I can see on the obvious horizon is, what Fontodi wines that might be released to coincide with the Fontodi Event on 30th November.
We may have a release of the standard Burlotto 2016, but not holding my breath. @Sarah
We may have some Guigal wines for the Event on 17th November?
We may have some Taylor’s Ports for the Event on 25th November?
We may have some tidy Sauternes/Barsacs, hopefully halves for the Event on 1st December?
Really hoping for a Bolly extravaganza for the Event on 10th December?

These, plus the Jane Hunter Event on the 24th November, are the ones that interest me.
There are others, including Spain, Alsace, Tablas Creek & Rustenberg to whet your appetites and prise open your wallets. :open_mouth:

So if you really think that you are done spending on wine before Christmas, then might I suggest that you think again. :cry:
Yesterday, out of interest I totted up how much I had spent at the Wine Society during 2020 - so far!! I was truly shocked, and I KNOW that I am not done yet!! :dragon:


Did you see Sarah’s post around a week ago, saying there’s an Italian fine wine list coming towards the end of this month? If it’s anything like last year’s, we’d better keep a few pennies in reserve!

I suspect we may see Vigna del Sorbo and Flaccianello (pretty odd if we don’t, in fact, given what’s on the 30th), 2016 Barbaresco, maybe some aged Barolo and/or Brunello and other lovely bits and pieces.

The danger’s not over yet…


I can’t bring myself to do that

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Agreed. Conscious decision not to add up wine society spend this year. There seems to be so much wonderful wine around. Only been a member a couple of years, is it always like this?


How do you get to hear about these wine events…??