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The Internet is made of Cats, but the wine world has gone to the Dogs


It is often said that the internet, and particularly image-sharing sites such as Instagram, are powered by cat lovers sharing and liking pictures … but it strikes me that the world of wine appears to be doggie-driven instead.

Is that my imagination, or true?

I recall that both @leah and @laura have shared pics of their dogs here for example

Are you a cat person or a dog person? (feel free to share pictures to convert us)

Hello! :) Introduce yourself
Hello! :) Introduce yourself

I have to admit, from the off, that this is a cat household - not to say I don’t love dogs, but I don’t love living in a very urban area and taking one for walks … so Jenji is a great companion (and fun)


We are a dog-owning household. Yana is a 15-month old Labrador, that picture was taken at Rhossili in the summer - rated by some as the best beach in Europe.:

We’ve never owned a dog before and I have to say that, despite being very sceptical about the whole thing, she’s lovely and fits really well into family life.


Here are my two lovely but crazy girls Penny and Lottie occupying the sofa as usual!


Wine loving, doggie loving household here!


I do love cats but have always been a dog person at heart. What’s more, I’m lucky enough to have a font of wine knowledge in the form of Knut and his finely tuned nose. Here he is helping me assess some chardonnays for an article I’ve been working on for The Society website…


I don’t think he was impressed

love it!


Rufus, the metal lovin’ doggo reporting in!


Strong patch game :joy:


Lovely photos, guys!! :grinning: We’re definitely more of a dog household, but then we also have a lovely cat too!

Here goes:

Neville Longbottom and Digby (full name Sir Digby Chicken Caesar) the sausage dogs:

They’re our newest additions.

Then we have Elphaba the cat:

She’s has a love-hate relationship with humans… but the scratches are worth it for the cuddles.

We have a Lottie too, Nick! She’s our old girl:

12 years young, until that is she goes on the beach, when she becomes a puppy again.

And lastly, the force of nature that is Lottie’s little sister Daisy:

Her favourite things are barking and wine. That said, her palate is nothing compared to @martin_brown’s legenday Knut… :wink:


Similarly ours is a doggy household, Teddy the spaniel and Ozzy the beautiful, erudite and charismatic boxer


Guarding the hallowed bottles.


… and of course, as we approach Christmas, the smugness of the “we don’t have to take our cats out for walks in this freezing cold” cat-owners (like me) start to panic about how our beloved fur-babies will deal with the arrival of the Christmas tree …

Any disasters yet?

My little one is still making plans


It’s a hard life.


This is the only dog I want at home



Er… this is The wine society… the clue is in the name, no dogs, no cats, and definitely no gerbils.


Both the puppies and the cat were surprisingly well-behaved with the tree this year!

They weren’t impressed with the snowman jumpers their Nanny P got them, though…:joy:

Any other unimpressed festive hounds/felines? :smiley:


Permanently unimpressed, not just at Christmas.

Wot you lookin’ at ?:pouting_cat:


Thought I’d revive this a little by posting a picture of my two! Kimba the ridgy was partial to a bit of Ale but Kerry the retriever is a wine gal like me :+1:! Unfortunately we lost Kimba at 4 but Kerry is still going strong at 11 :clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses::wine_glass:


The truth is out there: