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The Home Schooling Sanity Thread

So you’re saying I should have a gin ? A glass or a bottle ? :rofl:


4 year olds are quite trying. I have memories of my one’s tantrums etched on my brain still. Though I was trying to get my now 7 year old to just learn the 8 times table. Seemingly learning tables is disallowed by the Geneva Convention…

It swiftly decended into Grand Guignol with elements of Guantanamo.


That’s how I read the response.

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Gin cocktail, ideally.


The tipping point was the four year old running about pant less with furry slippers on flashing everyone & chucking toys from the playhouse screaming “geronamo” :woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:!


That’s what happens when you give them purple cocktails

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That will be the frozen blueberries :sweat_smile:!

crate !

For us it’s a holiday in our school area. The wee one was really a bit down in the dumps on Tuesday (holiday Monday) and we decided to have this week as a holiday in line (though we had been worried about her loosing schooling). We did this because she was knackered and really needed a break.

Just sharing this because other parents will be feeling the pressure to ‘make up time’ and may be facing similar choices. They need a break as well, I feel.

But the interesting thing is although this week is holiday, she has asked to do some Scratch, and play with her electronics kit, so maybe it’s also a choice thing, too…


We’ve definitely called a halt to home learning this week. For their sanity as much as ours, but like your little one, both of them have chosen to do some activities I’d class as learning - the boy even did some writing!


I just noticed there doesn’t appear to be a week 6 for BBC Bitesize, and concluded it’s because it’s half-term…it goes in one ear and out the other in any case, so nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Unfortunately my little ones school has decided not to take them back until September, so it’s going to be a long slog.


halt here too…at least for son

lots of fun and games - guitar, reading, playing in the garden, local walks, drive to Barnard Castle, opticians…


It’s very important to test your eyes on trees it turns out. The right sort of trees.

For some reason the vein in my forehead has started standing out again and I’m grinding my teeth and feel psychotic rage. Last time it happened was the news. Wonder why…


no idea but given its half-term…have a small morning sherry to calm things down

then go outside and yell obscenities very loudly…you will feel much better