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The Home Schooling Sanity Thread

Has anyone else noticed the shocking quality of the Twinkl materials that so many schools seem to rely on?

It’s as if a former Usborne employee with a twisted humour is now in charge of content for Twinkl: instead of a duck on every page, there’s a howler of a mistake.


And normal service resumes. Trying to mask extreme-level frustration with a smile on my face and soft voice :upside_down_face:


I was so (outwardly) chilled for the first six weeks of this lockdown … but now I’m done, khalas, enough, Grumpy Daddy is back.


have you used the magical platform that is PurpleMash ?

put together by two 8 year olds on acid !


I’d forgotten all about Purple Mash! :laughing:

Here’s an example of the disaster that is Twinkl - it’s the answer sheet taken from work set for my Year 3 son this morning:

Let’s count in 8s, everyone, and reach exactly 100!


This isn’t an exception, either. Almost every day, when handing them worksheets, I have to say, “oh, er, hang on, ignore that bit there, that’s wrong.”

Sorry everyone, just had to get that off my chest…


do they not do 12.5 times table in Year 3 then?


Today has been a new low in this house! I completely lost my shit!
Daughter seems to be DONE with home schooling, being polite and engaging with anything (other than electronics of course)!
I kind of get it . The lessons would make anyone fall asleep and the resources like you say are totally inadequate. I’m not even going to get started on the inaccurate content she’s being taught.
Tonight, I have opened wine!


I would, but I think I’d just fall asleep on the spot :zzz:


Really sorry to hear that, sounds like a rough day for all concerned.

I think I know why 5 year old was being a little swine today. He’d crept into his sister’s room and stolen her enormous stash of sweets (she is a bit of a hoarder and saves half of everything, going back months and months) then ate the lot at various points throughout the day. That amount of sugar coursing through his veins could help explain his general obstreperousness, total lack of focus and motivation for learning. Of course, he might just be adhering to genetics inherited from his father’s side.

Wine is tempting, but might try to resist.


My last wine was Saturday… I’m going in!

GREAT word :joy:!


the standard of work we’ve been given is terrible tbh - and before anyone comments I don’t know about teaching…my wife is a deputy head at one of the largest schools in the country.

Speaking to many friends (and from what some of you have put on here), it seems that primary school teachers just haven’t got the hang of the technology available to them and one year on that’s terrible. My wife (kind of lost her rag and) had to explain to my sons primary school about some of the tech they could use…


I have loved that post but, of course, I really wanted to hate it! I find that sort of thing staggering it represents the level of proof reading I have come to expect from self published authors but would be horrified to find in academic publications. As a child that sort of thing would totally destroy my confidence as I’d simply assume it was correct and it was all down to a failure of my own understanding! :rage: