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The History of The Wine Society

Did anyone else watch this on Zoom/YouTube?

For me - given the title - not enough about the early history.

Some interesting snippets - 9,000 bottles a day, on average, are shipped out and TWS owns the land currently occupied by the bus depot in Stevenage, are two I remember.

I appreciate it’s not her day job but the presenter used ‘sort of’ far too many times.



I enjoyed the presentation and think Catherine did very well indeed. :clap: :clap:
I imagine that if the Society had hired a professional company to do the production, then the howls of “wasted money” would have been heard in Lerwick.
We all have idiosyncrasies in our speech patterns, it would not surprise me if you did - I am fully aware that I do being Welsh - Boyo, lush, daps, chopsing - not forgetting By There :rofl:
I think that you are being unkind posting that comment, if you remove yours so will I remove my reaction!! :anger: :disappointed: :dragon:


I really enjoyed it, learning from the presenters knowledge and enthusiasm for the society.

Found the logistics and warehouses particularly interesting


I really enjoyed it too (watched afterwards). Yes, there was lots more detail on recent history than the older stuff, but I’m guessing there’s probably an awful lot more information available than 100 years ago.

What we did learn was brilliant though - A horde of stompy dancing girls pounding a rhythm into the Members’ reserves would probably cause more of a storm these days, even if the rent was dirt cheap.

Thanks @catherine


I enjoyed the session albeit half was a supply chain presentation rather than a history lesson. Was hoping to have a break from work not more of the same :wink:

Both presenters did a great job of keeping things interesting and loved their enthusiasm.


Really enjoyed it. Well done all round

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Funny I noticed that too and lots of ‘in terms of’. Saying that she was very good and knowledgeable. Overall I did enjoy it.

Just seen this on the site in case others are interested

50 years of society lists


I wish the lists still looked as good as they did from ‘63 to ‘73.