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The Hague and Stavanger restaurant recommendations


I am in acute need of recommendations for good restaurants in The Hague and Stavanger. Preferably with good wine lists. If anyone here is familiar with these destinations. I would be grateful as spending the next three weeks on said cities.


Many years ago, a helicopter flight ex East Shetland Basin got diverted to Stavanger due to bad weather. My input is that the price of alcohol there will melt your debit card into a mangled mess. Some of my colleagues required cash advances and they still ran out of currency before getting tipsy. The complaints were beyond compare!?!
Nice people and if you like fish in 1001 guises, then you will love it.


Yeah, I remember it is not cheap… Have been to Norway a few times, but never to Stavanger and never for work. I love that country, so beautiful. I imagine the Highlands are similar (?)


I think that Parrots have an affinity for the Fjords, especially the blue ones! lol!!


Unsurprisingly, I prefer valleys!


I lived in the Hague quite a while ago now so I know a lot of the restaurants have changed, however, at this time of year, if you want to soak up some atmosphere you really need to head to Scheveningen and experience the pop up beach restaurants and bars that pop up from April until October. Some of them do infact offer some quite nice food . Indonesian and pan Asian type food is very popular along the beach front but you will also find BBQ grill type restaurants and steak houses. There’s certainly something for everyone. The Harbour club is a little way down from the main beach front location and from what I can remember, had a good wine list. (But again this is quite some time ago specialises in seafood.) Scheveningen is definitely not to be missed this time of year and the weather can be quite balmy too.
Statenkwartier also has some good eateries and don’t miss out Frederik hendriklaan for some nice artisan shops, wine bars, cafes and restaurants. (Take either no. 17 or no.10 tram from central or the town centre). Where are you staying?? Den Hague is very bar and restaurant heavy with lots of choice so would help to know where you will be.
One of my favourite places to drink and eat in was http://www.rootz.nl/
this is their wine list http://www.rootz.nl/wijnkaart . Its housed in a fabulous medieval building off the Grote Marktstraat. The beer list is never ending. Around the corner on the Grote MArkt is De Boterwaag,https://denhaag.com/en/location/12426/de-boterwaag great for beers, food and wine.
Between Molenstraat and the Nordeine there’s also plenty of small windy streets with little restaurants and bars, try many you will find some gems.
Most will display their lists outside too so you will be able to check before you commit as such. Denneweg is another street with lots of restaurants too.
Unfortunately I cant remember the names of some of the ones I really loved but hopefully this helps you :wink:


Thank you for that Leah, we are going later in the year to the Hague to see my uncles grave as no one has been since around 1960, he was a fighter pilot and Sq Leader of 3 Squadron at the time flying Tempests, sadly attacking a V2 site in the Hague the whole lot went up him with it, we were going two years ago but I was hospitalised so this will be our last effort.
Never been to the area so looking forward to the trip later.


Found it! Massive choice of Dutch beer.


That’s the one :point_up:️


@cerberus, wow he sounds like a true hero !
When you go, if you have time, I would highly recommend visiting Delft . You can get a train from central or Hollands Spur which takes around 15mins . Trams also run from Den Haag in the direction of Rijswik which terminate at Delft but the train is quicker ! It’s a beautiful Dutch historic University town, cobbled streets and canals . You can visit the spot where William of Orange was shot amoung other sites and it’s not to be missed if you are going to be in The Hague anyway :+1:


Also @Paul_Trelford has recently been there, he may have some suggestions too :wink:


I didn’t really eat out much. We raided the delicious delis and wine merchants of Frederick Hendriklaan and cooked up a treat. I did overindulge in the totally delicious frites of Atelier which are highly recommended.

Enjoy. It’s a marvellous little city. Keen to hear how you get on as I definitely intend to return.