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Obvs they are available elsewhere, albeit at a slightly higher price.

Greetings from Athens! Just landed having spent the last few days with Apostolos. Very simple message from my tasting with him this morning - buy the 2021 Jeunes Vignes. Best vintage i’ve ever tasted and one that’ll genuinely age wonderfully. He’s increased the % of whole bunch in the fermentation so it’s super spicy and there’s a lot more fruit weight and concentration vs the '20. It’s epic.

R.e. Dalamara we’ll be releasing the 2020 Naoussa in the March FWL. Paliokalias was made in 2020 but not released yet so haven’t had a chance to taste. Was hoping to bump into Kostis but sadly time wouldn’t allow.

Will update when I taste


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Thanks for the update and enjoy the time there!

Hopefully loads of it bottled in magnum too!


Oh yes please!

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Oh go on then…if I have too :rofl:

Not TWS (they don’t appear to list any Markovitis wines at the moment) but I have been tempted by this Xinomavro Rosé at The Sourcing Table:

Markovitis Winery Alkemi 2021 Naoussa

Jancis seems to like it a lot and it’s slightly reduced (to £19.35) at the moment. Her tasting note from TST site:

“Pale orangey-rose colour. Gosh, this is absolutely delicious! A little chew on the end and a sort of Greek Barolo sensation on the way there with massive Christmas spice notes. Beautiful balance of fruit and freshness. Easy to drink without food and, although I’m thinking of highly spiced curries as an accompaniment, maybe it would be a shame to detract from the wine itself? Long. Really well made and labelled. Maybe the best bargain at The Sourcing Table?”

Does anyone have experience of this wine or thoughts on it they would care to share? My Greek wine journey has only just left the station, although we have very much enjoyed Thymiopoulos’ Xin Rosé.


I’ve not had this one itself before, but have certainly enjoyed a lot of Xin rosés over the years, both here and there in Greece itself. One of my long-lost favourite lifetime wines was a Xin rosé - I think it was called Phaedra maybe - and when they’re good they’re stonkingly good IMO. I’d go for it w/o any thought personally, and I will soon be doing just that myself.

There’s very little about this wine out there it seems [I was looking into it myself a few nights back, strangely enough - one of far too many wine-tabs open on my computer!], but I’ve not yet had a Xin rosé that I didn’t at least like a lot.

They do seem to vary a bit in terms of the dryness-fruitiness scale, but very usually have that tell-tale dryness & savouriness in there somewhere & almost always have - for my tastes - a lovely depth & detail in there that leaves you licking your lips long after each sip. I’d call them a “proper rosé” in the sense they’re not usually quaffers and tend to go best with food.

I tend to drink the standard Thymiopoulos one with BBQd / robust / spicy food, so given what HRH Janis says about this one, it may also prove to be a similarly robust and detailed wine. Maybe a bit fresher given what she says, but much as I love the Thymiopoulos one, that would actually be a Brucie-bonus in my book. I tend to enjoy the Thymiopoulos less if drunk on its own.

Only one way to find out :~}


Just to add btw that if your budget allows, the “fancy” Thymiopoulos Xin rosé [2013] currently still available thru the WS is, if the 2007 they had last year is anything to go by, likely to be an absolute belter and one of those wines you’ll never ever forget. I abandoned all other purchases last month to enable me to grab a case of that to go in reserves to enjoy for special occasions over the coming years. I’ve already withdrawn one and am saving it for a big me-myself-&-I evening once my Uni term finishes in mid-December. I’m finding myself looking forwards to it more than seems sane.


Thanks @crocos, appreciate your thoughts.

Expect it will be a well-made wine. From what I’ve read, this is a quality producer, and a glowing review from a trusted taster means there’s minimal risk of disappointment. The rest is down to personal taste, I guess.

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I can confirm the 2013 is á phenomenal wine. Different to the 2007 but equally as fantastic . Rosé does not get much better than this .


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I took part in the excellent TWS ‘three birds’ online on Thursday evening. The Xinomavro rosé totally blew me away. Amazing stuff



Fantastic, cheers for the heads up. Case straight in reserves.

Excellent article and also agree that the wines of Thymiopoulos are a revelation. A great reminder to keep an open mind when trying a new wine !

No one’s mentioned the new JV vintage is available supposedly better than the last two years …!!