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Yes, that’s my impression as well, Steve. At least in a wine-producing area. It certainly seems to be more the case than in Spain or Italy, though it did sometimes come from a bag in box too.

In any case it was usually decent beverage wine, lowish in alcohol and designed to go with food. And great value at 2 or 3 euros for a quarter litre carafe.

I did actually try house wine that was from Eleni Strategou. Made sure to try the red and the white. The guy at the taverna said they were Arikanes and Petrolanous respectively, but not sure I believe him (or more that he actually knew!) They were fine but not noticeably any better than other bulk wines I had. I’d assume that the grapes used for such wines are the least good ones, given that the bottled ones cost between 10 and 20.


This past summer I discovered my new favourite greek grape variety. It’s a country so rich in wine tradition, every year I find something new to be excited about.


And I like their rosé wines too, to be perfectly clear. We drank this whenever we found it on a wine list.


Do you mean “Greek” when you write “their”. If so, which other ones do you like?

The Lyrarakis rose I tried in Crete (at the winery) a few years back was good. I got a case of that waiting to be drunk, purchased from TWS.

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Just popped up on my emails. Clearly Greece is starting to make waves if L&W are selling them :grinning:


I was just about to post the very same thing!

I’m not familiar with Dougos Winery myself; anyone clued up on them at all?

Surely @PHarvey must have visited this place??!

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Yep. September 2019. It’s near Rapsani in Thessaly just east of Mt Olympus.

Bit of a trek if I remember correctly. Great host and visit though.

Excellent wines as well, particularly that Old vines red Rapsani, which is a blend of Xinomavro, Krasato and Stavroto.


Same here, although I’ve generally regarded Lay and Wheeler as being reasonably “with it” in terms of being abreast of wine trends.
I thought I’d go for some. I note that older vintages are available elsewhere for less, but get the impression that 2019 is generally the best vintage since 2016 in the area, so perhaps worth the premium?


I thought it was '17 and '19 to that were considered best, but that may be Naoussa-centric?

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You’re probably correct, but I had an exceptional 2016 from one producer whose name eludes me and was told that 2017 wouldn’t be as good, but it’s always hard to tell, and views change!

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I just stumbled upon this good, free, read:


If you’re feeling flush! Sure it’s incredible but the £:Sip ratio is a bit high for me.


Does look a bit punchy (certainly for my wallet), but plenty of other Greek lovelies available right now, including a rather appealing mixed case


Argh, wish I hadn’t read your post @Brocklehurstj …expensive evening. Another one… :slight_smile:

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Quite a few new Greek wines that never showed on the new list…!!!

That one? :smiley:

Looked too good to pass up.


Had a bottle of this over the last couple of days Single Vineyard Naoussa Xinomavro, Ktima Foundi 2018

Have now put a case in reserves - excellent stuff, balances fruit and savouriness very well. Quite tannic at the moment but think this will improve year on year for quite a while.


All this traffic on this thread has had me browsing the new Greek wines…

A really exciting/interesting one has appeared:

And (hopefully) a safe bet:

…and of course, when I say browsing I mean they’re on the way to me for browsing at home with the cork removed :shushing_face:


Absolutely agree with you, the listing of the Mirabello is very exciting ! congratulations to Matthew for managing to get Giannis to sell it to us & HQ to sign off on stocking a £54 Greece wine.