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I think the 2017 is a lot fruitier. Much more approachable for those just starting in their xin journey but plenty of life in it for those looking to lay in down for a while. Happy Friday, all!


And £1 or so cheaper than '16. Tomorrow’s headline: TWS addresses cost-of-living crisis!


Thanks. And no thanks.

2017 Naoussa is on the radar, but my commitment to no more wine this month didn’t even make it past a full day :roll_eyes:


How do I unknow that this exists - it’s some sort of reverse Schrodinger’s Cat torment! I didn’t know it existed until I read, looked in the TWS box of delights and now, I want to pretend it isn’t there, but… I know it is there… :roll_eyes:

Is, isn’t, is, isn’t…


I found out from an email

Here’s the list of wines it points to (ignore all references to Ridge, long gone)


Finally got to taste the Dalamara Naoussa 2018 I had bought and put in reserves based on my fellow members recommendation.


Superb! Strawberry and tangy cherry, with a hint of tomato leaves, sweet tannins, good acidity.

It’s up there with Thymiopolous reds !

Thanks to all who recommended this!


Does anyone know when we might expect the 2019 to be available at the Society? Seems to be readily available elsewhere already.

I assume you mean the 2019s from Dalamara. I’ve got both the Naoussa and Paliokalias on reserve and will release them later this year. Not too sure when. Quantities of the latter are miniscule so will have to be careful how we go about selling it


Oh, that’s easy. Start by offering them to members of the community and then offer more widely. :smiley:


Out of interest, 2019 is being touted as an excellent vintage in Naoussa. As much as I want as much Paliokalias as I can get my hands on, is it’s stable-mate still a very high quality wine? And if so, is the distance between them greater or lesser than in other years? (Trying to mitigate potential future disappointment here!)


Oh yes, give us a 6 hour head-start, with about 3 days’ notice here. Cue outrage when the email goes out about an out-of-stock wine.

I can’t help but feel that’s what he means by “careful”


From what I’ve tasted so far 2019 is an amazing vintage and definitely one for the long haul. I’m buying a lot from it. The sample of paliokalias I tried at the winery in November wasn’t the best (last drop of a bottle that had been coravined for over a month…) so am retasting on thursday and will let you know. But the potential was there.

From experience though there is definitely a step up from the Naoussa but I still think the regular offers amazing value. Especially in the years where paliokalias isn’t made as all the fruit goes into it :wink:


I wasn’t really wavering, but this hammers the final nail into my participation in the Rhone EP campaign.

Now I can spend my time refreshing the Greek wines page on a daily/hourly basis for the next X months!


Yep me too, the 2018 Dalamara was my 2021 wine epiphany, I’m been drinking various Thymiopoulos wines for a while, but for me the Dalamara blew them out of the ballpark… And all thanks to @horsleym and his Naoussa tasting :clap:


Thanks, Matthew.

Of course if you want to get a bit silly with the Dalamara wines, there’s always this:


Ouch, but did you have to? My brain’s now telling me I’ve been really strong in avoiding the Rhone en primeur, surely I deserve a treat… :rofl:



Magic of the community, it’s now sold out (and no, I did not obey the golden rule and don’t have any!).

Is that per bottle?!?!?


I believe so! A little rich for my blood.

I assume it’ll not be appearing on the list any time soon/ever, but have you had a chance to try it?

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