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Julia Harding MW (on behalf of JancisRobinson.com) tasted it back in September and gave it a pretty good write up (with a 16/20 score):

Stony citrus. Subtle aroma. A very good example at a good price (especially given the current price of grapes on the island). Dry, stony, even chalky, and with piercingly fresh citrus fruit. Mouth-wateringly dry, long too, especially at this price, even if not for ageing. GV (JH)

Edit: I’ve just seen that this review is included on the TWS page itself.


Now at the new improved introductory offer price of £13.25


Good spot! Although an interesting bug in the new website - still in my basket at higher price, even when I adjust the quantity.

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Yeah same. I had to delete it out and re-add back in.

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I jumped straight on a case of this to reserves earlier this morning - Santorini Assyrtiko for under £15 … never thought I’d see that again!

Is this going to be a regular Exhibition offering, I wonder? I really hope so, and assuming it’s proper Karamolegos quality, it’ll be a winner I’m sure.

Hats off to the WS for this one :~}


Anybody cracked a bottle of the Bin #5 recently?

I still have mine in reserves, but over Christmas I had a bottle of 2017 Thymiopoulos at a restaurant, I’m pretty sure it was the Naoussea cuve. I asked if I could get it decanted as I’ve found this helps with the '18’s I’ve been guzzling over the last year, but was assured it didn’t need it - and they were right.

Given that TWS drinking date is '28 (same as the '18) I was suprised how evolved it seemed, very smooth, easy drinking and not particularly tannic.

On this basis I’m thinking I should get mine out, but would be good to have more to base this on than this single bottle.

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Not recently

I’m planning on removing some bottles at some point in the first half of this year, mostly due to impatience.


Cheers. I thought I remembered someone saying they were a little chewy at some point, so I was really surprised at the one I had. The family thought it was pinot noir!

I thorough enjoyed it, but who knows where they got it from or how it had been stored, so it may not have been a particularly good reference point.

Took 1 out of reserve to drink with the 2018 this year. I’m stupidly doing dry January so going to wait a few more weeks before I can try it again.

Managed to get some Magnums as well about a year ago, they will stay untouched for a couple more years at least.


Hah. I was also on dry Jan, lasted one week. Now on semi-dry Jan* (Sun - Fri only)! Let’s see how long that lasts…


Starting to irritate me but I’m determined to see it through. Trying to restrict the drinking during the week once it ends and I said to myself no wine until the weekends but I saw dry January ends in a Monday….no way I’m doing January plus 4 days!!!

Dry january hasn’t stopped me buying wine!


Got to have something to do with your hands while not holding a wine glass!

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We’ve definitely opened one bottle of the #5, although it may be two (I confuse myself with all the Thymiopoulos’ Cuvées tbh sometimes). As I recall it, it’s perfectly approachable now, but it’s probably going to be better with a couple more years under it’s belt (seems a bit denser than the '18 Dalamara we had recently, for example).


I had a bottle on Sunday funnily enough.
A real wine lovers wine, not necessarily crowd pleasing but very complex and rewarding.

I thought it was still a little gruff upon opening and decanting it definitely helped open up that enticing floral and pine tree bouquet and tame the tannins.
I think there’s no rush in opening these, as Tannatastic says.


Thanks Hamish. Maybe I can resist for another year then.


Good to know - that sounds much more like what I expected. Thanks.

Bought this today after a wander around hedonism, member of staff who worked there spoke very highly of it. Not overly experienced with Greek wines but he said it’s similar to aged Nebbiolo or Pinot Noir. What’s best to have with it when I decide to open?


Should be a treat. I have not had the '97 (although there seems to be lots of it in the UK at the moment), but I don’t think you have to worry too much about the food match - it should go with any red meat dish, really, or heartier vegetable-based dishes. A slightly younger Markovitis was the wine of the night last time I was at Hawksmoor.


New vintage of a forum favourite just released:

States that 2017 was an outstanding vintage in Naoussa, any thoughts on how it compares Matthew?


Thanks for sharing. Would’ve missed it as it’s not highlighted as a new wine.

Now Rhone EP is done for me I can go back pretending I haven’t spent the money and buy more wine like this