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Just to flag, down to the last few bottles of this:


It may of course get re-uped, but I wasn’t going to risk it…


I have one bottle of this, but hoping it is a different style to the jeunes vignes, which I was really not taken by. I have had a few bottles of the 2016 ktima foundi which I have found much more to my taste. I thought it great value.

Any thoughts? I’m very new to xinomavro but have loved one and hated the other that I have tried so far!


If you preferred the Ktima, then you will not be disappointed.

Its a far more interesting wine than the JV and well worth the modest increase in price.

Not to say I didn’t enjoy the JV but I feel that is almost a summer wine for me, lightly chilled even.


Not sure whether to thank you or not but my dreadful sense of FOMO meant another case sent to Reserves.

Drank my last at the weekend and it is a super value wine.


I’ve been hovering over this for a few months now, wondering whether to add to my existing 6 in reserves. And now I have done. Thank you [not!]

IMO it’s drinking earlier than most Xins and is already a lovely wine, but with plenty more to come from it I think; maybe a bit more fleshy than some Xins too, but no worse for it. In fact all the better for it in my view. Some way better than the JVs too IMHO, though other tastes are available :~}


Thanks, I’m hopeful then! Might try it tonight.

Yes, I’ve cracked through 3 or 4 bottles of this already, so popped 6 bottles in reserves before it dissapears.

I have no doubt it will age and develop more complexity in time, but equally it’s good to go now. Sure there is tannin and acidity, but also plenty of fruit. It’s pretty easy going compared to some of the other Xin’s listed this year.


I had my first bottle of this last weekend. I think it was the most plush of the xins I have tried to-date - it seemed like a baby Rapsani, rather than a relative of either the JV or some of the other AT cuvees. I haven’t stocked up, and I’m not too sad about that. Tonight I’ve opened the '18 Earth & Sky, which is more to my taste (though more expensive) - it has a weightless, savoury quality I love, like a lot of AltoPiemonte nebbiolo. Looking forward to the '19 being listed soon (hopefully).

Well the forum power made that disappear lucky I have two magnums stored I wish people wouldn’t knock the JV as it’s good for the price


I’d agree it’s perhaps a less sophisticated bottle, but maybe that’s to be expected at £14.50 vs £22?

I do think some Xinomavro can offer quite a bit of what I love about nebbiolo (and at a fraction of the price), but a lot of the time I’m after something a bit more straightforward, and this does it for me.


Finally got round to opening my only bottle of this tonight. Really enjoyed it and would certainly buy again. More rounded, with tannins and acidity less bracing than in my favourite xinomavro, the ktima foundi. Would confidently serve this thymiopolous to anyone I reckon.


Good to hear. I love the stuff. I assume the 2019 will be along at some point, and if so I plan to continue building a vertical and look forward to some comparative tastings in the future. I’m a fan of the Ktima Foundi as well, got a few of these tucked away in Stevenage.


Struggling early in the New Year to resist this:

Struggle over…my lifeless corpse is at least a case better off


Where did you purchase it from might I ask?




Sounds like a very nice drop indeed: Argyros Cuvee Monsignori Santorini 2018 – Swig Wines


An easy purchase - thank you for flagging it up.


Well hellooooooo to The Society's Exhibition Santorini Assyrtiko 2020 :smiley:


Oooh, great shout! Very good price, too. In the basket… :+1:


Me too, I thought sub £20 Santorini was a thing of the past!

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