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…and VERY good the M and S is too,

Who else spotted Victoria Moore waxing lyrical about Xinomavro this weekend ? Encouragingly / dishearteningly - delete as applicable - she name checked TWS several times, including 2 of the 3 recommended wines were TWS.

Apparently “TWS members would claim to have been onto it for a while”

Alas I fear Xinomavro is destined to be the new Pinot Grigio…


She was one of the several press people who were on the online Greek tasting off their own backs.

I really hope you’re wrong about Xinomavro becoming another Pinot Grigio, but I share your fear!


I very much doubt Xinomavro becoming Pinot Grigio.

Nebbiolo or Pinot Noir prices forcing people into the market for it, and therefore pushing up prices, is a much more likely outcome.



I know it’s not TWS… But looks like a great deal.

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Already been reviewed by @SteveSlatcher. I’ve had a couple of bottles and thought it a decent enough midweek quaffing wine.


None in my local Aldi yesterday.

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I bought some online the other day if that is any good to you. Add some Toro Loco to make it worthwhile :slight_smile:

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Had this last week (when the sun was shining)


A fantastic summer white for those who like that limey, high acid kick with blossom notes.

Maybe not as saline and concentrated as a Santorini example but then the price is fair versus those examples. I bought 6 and this was my first bottle. A very happy purchase.


Thought you might “appreciate” a smug selfie of our visit to Skouras in 2018. Their assyrtiko didn’t float my boat as much as their moschofilero but there you go. Good winery, excellent wines.


Speaking of the excellent Domaine Skouras:


Just had my case of Dalamara delivered today along with some other wines, one of which cause the delay in despatch as this was ordered following the zoom event a couple of months ago.
I’m writing to heap praise upon the clever chap that designed the cardboard box it came in. When it arrived I thought you wouldn’t manage to get 6 bottles in there. A breath of fresh air for once in a world running short on resources. Also if all my wine had arrived in such lean boxes my storage facilities would probably be able to hold another 20%.


…and these two took till yesterday to arrive in reserves…

Xinomavro | Yiannis Karakasis MW The ultimate guide to Northern Greece's most important red variety, Xinomavro.](Xinomavro | Yiannis Karakasis MW The ultimate guide to Northern Greece's most important red variety, Xinomavro.)


Any tips on serving temp and decanting xinomavro?

I would use whatever temperature you would normally for a red wine. Personally I prefer to serve on the cool side (14-16C), and let it warm at the table, so it might finish up close to 20C. But I realise that is sacrilegious for many people.

I would decant off the sediment when convenient, but not deliberately leave in the decanter, so probably I’d decant about an hour before drinking. But if you give some wines a longer decant, Xinomavro is probably one of those wines you’d want to give a few hours or more - it would depend very much on the style .

Sorry - it’s all a bit vague, but it is the best I can do.


Steve’s right. Pour a ‘quality control’ sample and see what you think - some really benefit from some time out of the bottle


More importantly, what bottle is this mysterious Xinomavro (producer, appellation, year). :smiley:

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Oh it’s a Rapsani Terra Petra 2017

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Actually only 1/3 Xinomavro, but still quite tannic.

I thought the 2016 was quite approachable in 2019, so I wouldn’t bother with a long decant. But I doubt it would hurt