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Has anybody tried the 2007 Thymiopoulos rose yet?

Will be having one as part of a Greek tasting with friends on Friday. Don’t expect a detailed tasting note though, as it looks to be more social than educational :partying_face:


I have a bottle stashed away and am waiting for the right quiet time to open and contemplate it over an evening. Hopefully soon, with something hummusy with a bit of pomegranate, with some toasted brown bread, some salty cheese, some dried tuna, some juicy toms and some serrano ham. This kind of utterly unnecessary self-indulgent me-&-my-wine-&-snacking-dinner-time is more fantasy than likely however with a night-owl 5-year old in the house :~}


Yes, simply put it is the most stunning and complex rose I have ever tried


Ooh…I took a punt and ordered 2 bottles…now very much looking forward to opening the first one…certainly not Summer weather here in a damp and dreary Cornwall


Morning all,

I’ve arranged a local wine tasting tomorrow evening with the following selection of Greek wines. Suggested order below, with the Assyrtikos, Roses and Naoussas served side-by-side.

I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on decanting before serving. I suspect there may not be much time in glass for the wines to develop. There are eight of us, some of whom might be described as thirsty. I thought I might double-decant the Hatzidakis Assyrtiko, but wasn’t sure about the reds.

Many thanks in advance for any insight you can share.

GR2031 Nomas Assyrtiko Karavitakis 2020
GR1931 Santorini Assyrtiko Cuvee No15 Hatzidakis 2019
GR1851 Rose de Xinomavro Thymiopolous 2019
GR1981 Rose de Xinomavro Thymiopoulos 2007
GR1941 Rapsani Terra Petra Thymiopoulos 2018
GR2011 Xinomavro Naoussa Dalamara 2018 Organic
GR2151 Ramnista Xinomavro Naoussa Kir-Yianni 2017
GR1961 Samos Anthemis 2014 50cl

Looks like a great tasting! Definitely keen to hear thoughts/results.

I’d double-decant the Hatzidakis assyrtiko and not serve it too cold! 30-40mins out of the fridge before tasting would work well. If you have time/can then double decant the Dalamara and the Kir-Yianni (i’d taste the Kir-Yianni before the Dalamara, personally) but not essential - just open then an hour or two before, and just a polite reminder that Rapsani and Naoussa are two totally different places :wink:


Thanks Matthew,

Sounds like a good plan for the Assyrtiko and 2 Naoussa reds. I didn’t partake in the sample pack tasting, so curious to know why you’d go Kir Yanni before Dalamara. I re-watched those sections of your presentation again last night and it sounded like the Ki-Yanni was a bit richer and more alcoholic, so thought it might go better last. Is it because the Dalamara is the “Greece’s best wine”?

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I’d decant the reds - to get them of any sediment if nothing else. And double decant for convenience at the tasting, so it is clear what’s what. They are all very young, so no harm will be done, and the double decant might improve them.

Personally I wouldn’t fret about how long they stay decanted for, and just do what it convenient. But that is just me and my attitude to decanting. If you are fussy about decanting times, I am not the person to ask


Admittedly, not one you are tasting, but we ripped through the two bottles of '18 Thymiopoulos Naoussa I had here at a BBQ a couple of weeks ago.

I double-decanted both, but the first had a good rest (at least an hour) before we pitched in, and we thought had definitely benefitted vs no. 2 which was popped, poured and drunk with fairly indecent haste.


I’m all passion spent with regard to Greece unfortunately this month, but this seems to have appeared in the last couple of days.

Surely Greece deserves its own country listing now?


Just taken delivery of the Thymiopoulos mixed case and my first impression is that the bottle shape is a potential deal-breaker. They are slightly fatter than a regular wine bottle, and as such they don’t fit in my eurocave properly where I want them to fit. This is so so annoying, and one of the reasons that I eventually stopped buying as much Coche-Bizouard as I used to as they too used slightly irregular bottles.

What is wrong with normal bottles?!! Do wine makers not understand that homogenous is good when it comes to wine bottles?

Anyway, I’m opening a jeune vignes this evening so maybe all will be forgiven!


I wouldn’t mind, but he manages regular sized bottling’s with the Naoussa Alta (amongst others) I just don’t see the need for ostentatious bottles. I suspect the market he’s selling his premium range in isn’t that interested either(are they?).

Silly oversized bottles is a bit of a problem in Greek wines. Alpha Estate are a big sinner here (lovely wines mind you).

Wish that producers would put practicality and the planet first, although I do like a Franconian Sylvanner in a bocksbeutel every now and then.

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Well the jeunes vignes was eminently drinkable, slightly chilled like Beaujolais. Really sappy, and fruity, just plain yummy. In fact a nice alternative to a Beaujolais for summer drinking now I think about it.
But I am still annoyed that the bottles are unnecessarily awkward. So the way forward may be to skip the bottles with the longer aging that I would need to keep for a few years and just dip in to ones that will only be in the house for a few months and where storage isn’t a concern.
Do things like this ever get fed back to winemakers? It just seems so pointless and clearly I am not the only one.


Had a Thymiopoulos night last night, with the 2019 rosé followed by the 2019 Jeunes Vignes. I’ve had the jeunes vignes several times before and it was great as ever. The highlight though was the rosé which I thought was outstanding - historically I have not been a massive fan of rosé and find many, even more expensive examples, lack varietal character but this had it in spades. Very glad that I took a punt and put six into reserves.

I have just noticed that said rosé is no longer listed on the website - anybody know if it is expected to come back in?


A big thumbs up for Aldi’s £7 Assyrtiko. It’s from the Amyndeon region - pretty much at the opposite corner of Greece from Santorini. And yet it’s the most Santorini-like Assyrtiko I’ve tried that does not actually come from the island.

Complex it ain’t, but IMO it has the body and sharp mineral citrusy purity of cheaper Santorini wines that would retail here for considerably more money. It’s actually a style I like a lot, and for me it represents the essence of the variety.


I noticed this Thymiopoulis Xinomavro at Majestic.


Has anyone tried this and do they know whether it’s the same wine as the Naoussa Xinomavro sold here? Thymopoulis seem to have a bewildering range of very similarly described wines at different retailers.

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Very true. They also used to do an M&S bottling at around the same price as that.

There is even a large range in those that are (or were) available from TWS. Much as I like them, I was struggling to find significant differences between some. They were the sort of differences I thought I could spot, but when I tasted again they changed or disappeared, and I finished up thoroughly confused, and certainly would not make a point of chosing one over another.

I suppose it is an aspirational thing, to demonstrate the subtleties of expression of Xinomavro, but I think it can backfire as a marketing strategy.


He does one currently on the ‘Found’ range - though it’s a Xinomavro/Mandilaria blend for £9.50: