The great Mallorca question

Sounds perfect! Enjoy

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Thanks, @Leah! :blush: having fabulous time here. Had two wonderful visits to local bodegas on Tuesday, and falling in love with the Beaujolais-like Mango Negro. Will be opening this one tonight (was my favourite out of six wines tasted):
Yum! :+1::wine_glass::grinning:


Just wanted to say thank you @ricard and all for suggesting I try AN and AN/2. Have not had a chance to take a trip to their winery in Felanitx - time was too short for all the things we wanted to do and see- but managed to find AN/2 at the airport and really looking forward to trying it! :smile:
Will upload some photos from the bodegas we did visit when I get a moment. It’s a beautiful island with some really gorgeous wines to discover, for sure! :heart_eyes:


Glad you had a great time!


Thanks, Ricard! We certainly did- and would love to go back and see more at some point in the future. Here are a few photos from Biniagual, part of DO Binissalem… hopefully not too boring!!


Back from a week in Mallorca and some of the suggestions on this thread were very good. We didn’t manage to visit any of the bodegas unfortunately as we only had a week and were in the far west of the island. We did try a few of the wines mentioned above, including AN/2 which was on the wine list at two of the restaurants we ate at. It was on at 31 euros in one, which seemed a pretty good price, and indeed it was the same price at the airport!

We had a bottle from the restaurant and finished it back in the apartment over the next two nights (me really as other half doesn’t drink red!). It grew on me, and evolved well over three days. Somewhat reminiscent of a ‘correct’ Chianti Classico in its balance of acidity, tannin and fruit I thought.

Also enjoyed the Premsal or Moll as it is alternatively called, either standalone or blend with Chardonnay.

We were walking with a guide in the hills above Calvia one morning and he recommended we try the Malvasia from the terraces in the little village of Banyalbufar on the north coast. Unfortunately we had been there the day before and didn’t have time to go back, but will definitely try it next time as we always spend a morning or afternoon there as it’s such a peaceful and laid back little place.

We took the bus into Palma for a day, and went to this tapas bar:

Great range of traditional and more modern tapas and also Mallorcan and mainland Spain wines. Second time we’ve been here, and worth a visit if in Palma.


Some wine sampled on recent Mallorcan trip (first since pre COVID).

Quality of wine just gets better I think. One or two really interesting bottles at about 10-12 Euros.

Wine highlights from there were the usual excellent Rias Baxias Albarino at our favourite restaurant in Puerto Andratx…not a Mallorcan wine of course but better than most local whites IMO. We did have a decent local white (Ses Nines - blend of Premsal, Muscat and Chardonnay) at same restaurant.
Most interesting one drunk in our apartment there was a Callet Rose, which in truth was more an orange wine in colour and I suspect to a degree in the wine making. It had real character, texture and length. I think it was one of the KM1 wines but I didn’t keep a note of it sadly, think it was about 12 Euros in supermarket.
Had a bottle of AN/2 as usual, which was fine, but it’s becoming quite expensive. The restaurant on our apartment site had a very nice young red Ca’an Axartell, Tinto Uno - which although 2021 vintage was already very drinkable with lamb.