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The great Mallorca question

Hello members, I’m a new member and this is my first post… yikes!
And so, to the point: me and hubby will be spending a few nights in Mallorca in March - any suggestions for vineyards we could visit? We’re keen to try some of the local grapes, so any advice or suggestion warmly welcomed! :slight_smile:


OOh!! That sounds lovely. Welcome @Inbar and thanks for the great challenge.

We’ve found advice for places further afield than this, so I am hopeful we can get you some suggestions.

I know that @ricard likes to drink wines from there, so maybe he has some contacts or suggestions? (see his comment from a while back: New Grape Varieties - Discoveries)

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Thanks for the excellent link, Robert! :+1: We’re hoping to bring home some nice bottles… Not just of Callet and Listán Negro but also of Prensal blanc (of which I only read good things!) :grinning: seems difficult to source Mallorcan wines - would be great if the Society offers them one day…

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@robert_mcintosh - thanks for linking to my earlier post, and thanks @Inbar for your question. It’s true, I’m a great fan of Mallorcan wine, primarily because I admire its genuine uniqueness. Callet in particular is remarkably unlike any other variety commonly associated with the Mediterranean such as Monastrell (Mourvèdre). It’s much lighter, and it has a fascinating herbaceous quality. It’s often combined with other local varieties such as Mantonegro and Fogoneu - both found, I believe, only in Mallorca.

There are two DOs in Mallorca: Binissalem-Mallorca (http://www.binissalemdo.com/?lang=en) and Pla i Llevant (http://www.doplaillevant.com/) On both these websites you’ll find a list of wineries you can visit, with links and details of their own websites. However, don’t forget that (as is often the case in Spain), there are wineries outside the DO areas which are “Vinos de la Tierra” and make, in many cases, superior wines. This is the case with Mallorca’s greatest wine, Àn, and with the great 4 Kilos winery (http://4kilos.com/index.php?/english/) which is in Felanitx, and is one of the most celebrated “new wave” Spanish wineries. Their wines are wonderful and true expressions of Mallorcan terroir. Definitely worth trying to visit them, or at least seek out their wines (4 Kilos, 12 Volts, and Gallinas y Focas). They use indigenous varieties - superb stuff.

Lastly, pretty much in any supermarket or local shop you’ll find Mallorcan wines wherever you’re staying. I know it’s a rough guide, but if you’re struggling to choose because you have no idea what you’re looking at, I would use two criteria to determine quality: price and variety. There is a reasonable correlation between price and quality (the sweet spot being maybe €10-15) and with variety, who would want a Cabernet Sauvignon? I tend to avoid “international” varieties as a rule, except in the New World where there are no indigenous varieties. So if you can find a Callet or Prensal Blanc for €12, you’re probably onto something interesting. Note that Syrah performs beautifully in Mallorca, and most Mallorcan wines are blends. So you’ll find Callet or Mantonegro combined with small amounts of Syrah, or Prensal Blanc blended with Chardonnay.

I’m pretty sure you’re going to enjoy your visit.


Oh, great!

Now I really want to go too … but I’m not :sob:

I do hope you share your discoveries with us @Inbar

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I second @ricard’s comment about Anima Negra. For me AN2 - which is under 15 euros - is as good in its own way as the main wine: a wonderfully herby, complex, exotic red. (You can source it from Spanish online merchants such as Enterwine).

The Hart brothers, owners of Quo Vadis and Barrafina etc, grew up in Mallorca, and if you do a search online you can find their menu suggestions. And there’s a great book by Robert Graves’ son Tomas, called ‘Bread and Oil’, about the ancient food culture of the island.


I fully agree. AN/2 is always a winner - amazing value wine, and a great second wine. It really gets what second wines are all about. But it’s also an iconic brand in its own right.

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Thank you, Ricard and Tony for your suggestions and pointers! It’s wonderful to be able to access such wealth of information from those in the know :smiley: I shall definitely seek the AN and AN2, and look forward to trying the others your mentioned. I love the idea that these wines have a unique expression of the Mallorcan terroir and soil (volcanic, I guess?)… this has certainly whet my appetite (or is it thirst??)
Now just have to count the days till end of March… :wink:
Oh, and will definitely report back!


This wine is yummy if you can track it down in Mallorca may be worth a visit…

Many thanks, Avi! I’m really pleased I have so many good suggestions to go on! :smiley:

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Just tried a bottle of this - very enjoyable.



Hello and welcome @Inbar! :smiley:
Just thought I’d add to the suggestions with this piece from Urban Adventures:


It has lots of recommendations. Unfortunately I have never been and can’t vouch for any of them, but I can vouch for Urban Adventures itself as we went on a marvellous Venetian tapas tour with them in Venice and they really know their stuff! :blush: They also do some food-related tours in Mallorca if that’s any use while you’re there.

Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

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Thanks for the tip, Laura! This article looks fantastic! :smiley: I look forward to reading it.
This will be my second time in Mallorca; the first time was 15 years ago, and I was in very early stages of pregnancy, so couldn’t eat seafood or drink any wine… which made for a very miserable trip! I consider this coming trip a chance to revisit all the things I couldn’t do :wink:
Will definitely let you know how we got on…

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I’m interested to see how you get on.

I’m there in July, family holiday, but the hotel does tend to have a few local bottles so you never know. I need to source a good shop locally near Cala D’or so I can try something different.

Hi Julian, I’ll definitely let you know. I suspect hotels do stock wines made from local grapes.
We’ll be based in Palma town itself, in an Air B&B apartment, but will be travelling around for day trips. We’re only going for 5 nights- wish we could stay for longer!
I’m in the middle of putting together an itinerary for our vineyard visits, so if any recommendations follow- I will definitely post them here end of March :slight_smile:

Hi @Inbar - some more info. A great friend of mine, Amaya Cervera, has just published this article about a recent visit to Mallorca:

It’s a pretty comprehensive overview of what wine lovers can expect to find there.

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Thanks, Ricard! It really is an interesting article. It sounds like the Island is really experiencing a sort of ‘Renaissance’ with winemakers re-evaluating and appreciating their local grapes and making wines that reflect the terroir . To say I am excited about tasting some of these is an understatement!! :smiley:


I think renaissance is exactly the right word. You’re going at the right time. Look forward to a really good post from you when you get back! Please do take some photos as well! No pressure! :smiley:

Oh dear! We’re rubbish on the photos front :crazy_face:- neither of us got a smartphone, would you believe it, so we always have to remember to take the lovely digital camera… which we often totally forget exists! But will do my best to be a bit more organised and focused this time!! :blush:


Well, first day in Mallorca, and all is well! :blush: weather is warm and sunny, the people friendly and welcoming. Tried this before heading out:

A delicious blend of Premsal Blanc and Chardonnay. Floral on the nose, with some peach too. Medium bodied with fresh, but weighty stone fruit, and a green almond bitter (but pleasant!) finish. The winery is Ca Sa Padrina, DO Binissalem. A very nice start! :+1::grinning: