The Great Harvey Nichols Sale Vol. 1, 2 and 3

I don’t normally buy my wine at Harvey Nics but there are some interesting half price January offers on its website…some of the really good stuff (like Taaibosch Crescendo) has gone but there are still some tempters there.

Spotted 2016 Gigondas les Pallieres for £18 and a la Rioja Alta gift box (Ardanza, Alberdi and Martelo) for £50.


Thanks! Monthly budget = blown.

Would have loved some of the flaccianello but settled for some Henschke and quite a few others.

Obviously the original price is over priced but the discounts are real


Thanks, would not have considered looking there without the prompt. Restricted myself to some useful half bottles.

Le Bourgogne Pinot Noir 2018 Half Bottle 375mlSize:Quantity: 2Price: £5.75
Crimson Pinot Noir 2019 Half Bottle 375mlSize:Quantity: 2Price: £8.00
Chianti Classico 2017 Half Bottle 375mlSize:Quantity: 2Price: £8.50


1994 Croft @ £37.50… er, OK!


Thanks to @thewinelake’s tip-off I also indulged in the Harvey Nicks sale - the Ata Rangi halves, some Escarpment single vineyard PN (<£20) and Newfound Gravels Grenache 2018, which I don’t know anything about except it was Jancis’ wine of the week at some point at £30, now £16.25.

My only problem is I ran out of storage space at home some time ago and was also planning to get a couple of cases out of Reserves before my bill hits next month. So this was not a purchase I strictly needed…


I picked two braces of these. Not tried before but sounds like I’d enjoy them…


Thanks for the tip. I went for the LRA box and the Harvey’s 30yo amontillado.


Thank you very much for this. I also went for some 2016 Gigondas les Pallieres and a bottle of H&H 15yo Boal Madeira.

Impressed that they only charge £5 for delivery.


Good spot on the Harvey’s. If I’d seen it… :wink:


Thanks for this. Picked up three bottles each of Racines Pallieres 2016 and Quinta da Fonte Soute Branco 2018 and half bottles of wirra weirs church block (£4 each) and ata rangi crimson pinot noir. Disappointed to have missed the Produttori barbaresco 2016 at just under £25 a bottle and the fontodi Chianti Classico halves at £8.50.


I bought one of these

2016 Gigondas les Pallieres

only to get an email saying it was out of stock. Thanks TWS!

The half price port, House of Arras sparkling and amontillado will make up for this though. Sadly the Delamotte Champagne was out of stock when I clicked through from the listing page. £28 for the Blanc de blanc was a real bargain.


I was too slow for those too. A fantastic deal for those lucky enough to get it.


I’m tempted by the half price Boekenhoutskloof Syrah and maybe something for the next local meet but already conscious of this months’ credit bill being horrific :weary:


Have you had the Patina before?

I have not, would appreciate any reviews. I’ve had the Wolftrap a couple of times, and lots of chocolate block over the years - a couple of my friends love it but I feel it can be a bit heavy (days / nights with said friends usually involve overdoing it on the wine a bit)

Just ordered 6 of these so either they found more or it’s getting cancelled I guess?


Hope you enjoy them.

I made my purchase in a hurry last night as could see stuff in my basket going out of stock in front of my eyes (including the Crescendo which was my original target). So I missed loads of other things I’d have liked, including Fontodi and Church Block halves and Produttori. Maybe that’s not a bad thing as I could easily have spent £100s.

I’m the end I bought:
A Pallieres Racines 2016
A LRA gift set (can never have enough Ardanza or Alberdi and looking forward to trying Martelo)
A H&H 15yo Bual (have loved every H&H madeira I’ve tried and these older ones are something else)
Couple of Alain Geoffroy Petit Chablis
And a handful of handy Chanson Bourgogne R halves


Well done - I thought for a second I’d got a second chance but they were OOS again when I tried to add them to my basket.

Pure dumb luck on my part! I’ve seen some speculation there may be an ongoing clear-out and may be worth keeping an eye on. These 50% off ones certainly were not in the January sale last time I looked when the prices were merely down to ‘reasonable’ from ‘more money than sense” levels.

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Back in stock now