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The great Cornish Pasty question


What wine to drink with home made Cornish Pasty?

Made a batch pretty much to Cornish pasty association recipe - except increased skirt steak to 50% & reduced potato accordingly. Turned out nice, especially with HP sauce but what to drink alongside?

A decent pint of bitter perhaps, but I tend to drink wine at home. The main element is the golden pastry which is MUCH more buttery than the dry casing you get with your average shop-bought pasty.


I’m going for Corbieres.


From a matching of terroir perspective, A Camel Valley Bacchus? may work more with the buttery pastry and picnic feel than the skirt of beef content.


How about a Loire red? Cabernet franc with enough acidity to cut through the pastry and peppery red fruit to hold its own against the contents.

Chinon or St. Nic du Bourgueil?


HP? The sauce of the gods!!

I’d go for any gutsy red.

(white is only suitable for fish IMO…(discuss))


Yes: HP sauce or Hendersons (except its a tad thin & requires mushy peas alongide - which you wouldnt get down a tin mine).

Loire red sounds interesting, I have a bottle of Chinon 2015 in the garage waiting for a chance to shine. However Corbieres might be better with its peppery spice. Bacchus I’m not so sure… but I can see where you are coming from there.


Alsatians will tell you differently! :smiley:


Indeed - I was wondering if there might be wine pairing similarities with Pâté en Croûte ? except perhaps that’s heading towards pork pie territory - and another thread entirely.


Love it as I do I think the HP might cause the wine a problem or two. So no sauce and a peppery Rhone red would do for me!. Glass in one hand and pasty in the other, overlooking the harbour!


Harbour? regretfully not where I live just short of the Pennines. Similarly, outdoors will be a tad challenging. The peppery rhone however is a good’un.


A gutsy Rhone or Languedoc red should do the trick.


I usually go for a reasonably young red Bordeaux. But the idea of a Loire red, thanks @Alchemist, seems a definite option next time.


Although my mum was from Devon she made the best Cornish Pasties I’ve ever had. She was almost fundamentalist as to how the pastry should be made ( a specific kind of shortcrust ) and what it should be filled with ( beef skirt, onion, swede and potato ). They were enormous and would overhang a dinner plate by an inch either side. As a lad, and a non wine drinker, the copious amounts of HP I used to enjoy with them weren’t a problem !

As an adult, with HP, I’d stick to beer. Without, as others have said, I would imagine a peppery Grenache from the Southern Rhone would be nigh on perfect.

I’ve never come close to replicating the majesty of her pasties unfortunately.


Coincidentally… I have made empanadas to use up some left over pulled pork. These were nicely accompanied by a Tahbilk Viognier. The filling was boosted by cheese, sweet corn and pesto. The dough was made following a Paul Hollywood recipe with plenty of butter and then some.