The Gin Exception

Great to hear you are finding your little one awesome. I imagine he’s just starting to smile and giving something back!

Things seem to be going ok so far, thanks, although this is my first time so who really knows?

I don’t think anyone really knows.

As for me, historically I’ve chosen to work one week in Wales / one week in london for work for my first two children. Having just had our third with Covid that changed to 100% wales. I’ve found it easier being collocated with the wife throughout the week and not constantly travelling which was disruptive to the emotional status quo.

I think the alcohol abstinence is important, but only in a defensive approach to finding a new equilibrium. I have been observing my father in law he has hinted attacking lunch and recovering back to normal prior to the night shift works.

Hope you enjoy going back to it. Couple it with a nice meal!


Ta v much. Definitely, a big meal will be in order to help me roll off the wagon!

That sounds like a major silver lining to your lock down experience. Will you be able to continue if/when things go back to normal? I feel very lucky to be working from home most of the time at the moment, as it means I am seeing far more of him than I might have done and it feels like Mrs A and I are tackling it very much together.

And I know what you mean about the abstinence helping with a major transition. I really think it has done.

Still, I’m looking forward to having something other than gin to write about on here…