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The Gin Exception

As I have whinged about on other threads, I am in the midst of a 3 month dry spell to celebrate/survive my son’s birth. Happily, it turns out my beloved Mrs A thinks an occasional gin is permitted, as it’s not wine. Who am I to argue?

Some particularly tasty wine arrived from reserves today (Ch de Bouscasse 2010, if interested - just about my favourite roast duck wine) so my resolve has been tested.

Today’s answer is Tattered Sails Gin, made using hops in Brixham.

It may sound like the work of the devil but the hops provide only a gentle background warmth and wholesomeness, leading to the conclusion that this must surely be good for you, like wholewheat bread.

Has anyone else resorted to good gin in order to maintain a tricky teetotal period?


I’ve quite recently gone back to regular named brand gin.

I think I’ve said this somewhere here before, I like my gin to taste like gin. Increasingly a lot of the micro-distillery gins don’t. I’ve still got a few favourites* that I’ll buy occasionally, but I mostly stick to Beefeater these days. Since I live about two minutes from the distillery, it’s my local gin anyway.

*Cotswold Gin is great, although strong, it’s very much a gin for whisky drinkers. I am also a big fan of the basic East London Liquor Company gin too.


My wife is a big Hendricks fan - with cucumber- but I prefer Silent Pool (of this parish) which has a bolder flavour.

I picked up a bottle of Salcombe Start Point in Devon which I rate very highly in the more sprightly style.


Allowing the occasional gin is a textbook transitive relationship with a glass of (Coravined) wine.

Hope it’s going ok by the way. Only two or so months ahead of me with my third child. I did something similar. Whenever I abstain my reserves spending goes through the roof! I probably spend more than when I am drinking.

Original point stands though. Impact of a gin is exactly the same as a glass of wine. Why not just have a little taste of what you are missing?

This is probably our favourite gin of the summer, also have enjoyed Roku and a Cucamelon fruit gin.

As do I, you really need need to try Hepple Gin if you haven’t already. Traditional juniper triple distilled and very unique :wink::+1:.


Now in the basket for my next Master of Malt order.

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Things seem to be going ok so far, thanks, although this is my first time so who really knows? He’s almost 6 weeks and now able to do a 4-5 hour chunk of sleep at night, having feasted like Henry VIII over the preceding hours.

I have to admit he’s great, though. :grin:

A valid point about equivalence. I discussed it with Mrs A, as it happens, and she pointed out that I am very unlikely to have just one glass if I open wine. Two glasses is my happy level.

Also, giving up wine for 3 months has become A Thing and I have to prove I can do it…! Only 1.5 months to go now, anyhoo.

How is it going for you?


Gin that tastes like gin, eh? How about Hotspur gin from Alnwick? Smooth and delicious, with a cap that looks like a castle.

The more divisive question is, lemon, lime or grapefruit? I’m a lime man all the way.

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This sounds veeery interesting!

This is a very good thing. Keep up the feasting if this is the result.

I think it works as he takes after his father.

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Have you tried this?


I’ve not.

added to next order

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Looks like I have (another!) 3 bottles of gin to get through.

I swing between lemon and lime depending on my mood. There’s a certain level of a gin and tonic being beefeater, schwepps and a slice of lemon, as that’s what my nana would drink.


Tonight, authorisation was given for the gin exception to take effect once more.

My beloved (as she is titled once the exception has been applied) is having a little Bombay sapphire with a lot of tonic. I’m having a lot of Sip Smith Christmas Pudding gin with a little tonic. Anything to do with Christmas needs that bit more booze in it.

My attempt at food matching is sausages and mash. I can’t be alone in being quite particular about how it’s made. Local butcher’s sausages; bake the potatoes (do NOT boil); very hot bowl; huge portion of good butter into bowl; quickly put potato through ricer onto butter; beat with fork; gradually introduce hot milk infused with bay; whip with fork; season fairly lightly.

I like slowly fried onions with it, crisped up. Mrs A swears by evil baked beans. Either way, you wouldn’t believe how well it goes with gin. Well, it’s great to eat about an hour after some gin, at least.


Almost forgot about my sous chef.


Is that because he / she pours good measures?

and features here

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That’s the beauty of him: his paws are so very clumsy when holding a gin bottle.

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