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Good evening to everyone,

I’m still new here and finding my feet a bit - but despite topics for other regions, I haven’t managed to find one “catch all” German wine thread. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, but I couldn’t see it anywhere!

So I decided to create this thread as a way of charting through all things German wine - from Ahr to Zimmerling!

I’m a massive fan of German wine, mainly from my time with work out in the former Eastern German wine regions around Leipzig. As such, I managed to really go off grid and found myself in some delightful places that you would have no idea existed - such as Saale-Unstrut and Sachsen. And from there, my love of German wine just expanded - weekends in Mainz and Stuttgart resulted in copious amounts of Riesling and Spatburgunder coming home with me.

The only issue for me really is that German wine can be a little tricky to get hold of in the U.K. - aside from here and the Wine Barn, the selection remains quite limited.

Anyway, I thought that a “catch all” thread for us German guzzlers might be a good place to share vintage news, producers, what we find, varieties, German wine news and anything else related to German wine.

I hope this is ok though and over to you all now - I’m off to open up a Riesling from Zimmerling.



Howard Ripley too :blush::+1:


There’s still so much great German wine that never gets near the UK. I enjoyed the wines of Sachsen and Saale Unstrut when I was in Saxony a few years ago, never seen any imported. The Wine Barn have the wonderful Wirsching wines of Franken which are unique and a big favourite.


I agree entirely! I’ve been looking at the best way of trying to get some of my favourites from those 2 regions into the U.K. - there’s so much great wine produced in these 2 areas, but if you were to ask who’d ever tried one, you’d get pretty much a blank look.

Pawis from Freyburg believe that they can send their wines directly to the U.K. without too much effort really. I’m speaking to Lutzkendorf at the moment too, but they are more receptive to sending the wines to a “warehouse” for collection in Calais.

I need to speak to Zimmerling, who really are my absolute favourite with their dry Rieslings… and I’ve only got 1 of his 2/3rds bottles left in the cellar.

However, aside from the 2 former East German wine regions, there is so much world class wine now produced in Germany and yet we see so little of it in the U.K. - I was delighted when TWS expanded their German selection and placed a large order at once!


Thanks for the tip off - I’m going to have a look into this right now.

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I’ve always used them more as a relatively local shop than anything else, but the Winery (https://www.thewineryuk.com/) typically has an interesting selection - and in particular I’ve bought a couple of bottles of Zimmerling from them although not recently; I’m not sure they’re likely to be the cheapest, but they do have some things it’s difficult to find.


Decantalo also has a quite a surprising amount of German wine. Well worth a look.

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I am actually incredibly happy to see I can get Zimmerling here in the U.K. - that’s fantastic news. Although, I will still stock up in Leipzig next time around as there is a nearly unlimited selection of his wines. I’m hopeful that I’ll even be able to get a hire car to their winery for a visit too.

It would be nice to do so anyway… my German cellar isn’t quite fully depleted yet. But it’s getting there!!

Thanks for this link - thewineryuk.com is a little unusual as a wine website, but it’s an interesting resource with photographs, making for an enjoyable diversion on a wet afternoon.

Lüneburg Heath in Lower Saxony. I’m there for several days later this month - a short holiday and an excuse to visit the German Tank Museum. As far as I can see it’s not a wine region, however does anyone know if they DO have vineyards thereabouts?

Or indeed, can anyone recommend any places I should not miss. Will have a car and good walking boots !

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Your closest bet (as the crow flies) is probably Saale-Unstrut but it is 3:30 away in a car. But I would guess that other regions aren’t actually much further away than that either.

I used to know a good wine shop in Hannover though, but it’s been a good few years and the name has escaped me! I’ll look into it when the kids have gone to bed!

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Duh !!! having booked travel & accommodation. Turns out my passport ran out 3 weeks ago.

Passport office website for urgent renewal says “No available appointments” - phone call is more helpful: “new appointments are released at midnight & I should keep hitting refresh button”

Thank god we have our sovereignty back

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Hi Lapin,

That’s a pain. Although we were told (and warned!) of long waiting times, our Son’s passport was done and dusted in 2 weeks. I don’t know what the wait is for adult renewals at the moment.

So don’t give up hope just yet!