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The drinking hedgehog


I hear this story of a young Russian doctor who was ‘distributed’, as one was in those days, to a distant village is Siberia upon graduation from medical college in Moscow- to do the compulsory two year ‘practice’ away from friends & family.

The chap was lonely, bored & had very little to do in that vast, harsh & mostly unpopulated land. So one ‘special’ evening he offered a drink to a hedgehog - or rather poured some diluted ethanol into a small saucer & left it in the hallway, hoping hedgehog would notice. So hedgehog did: the saucer was empty next morning. That’s a whole night of drinking, for a small animal.

So the doctor offered to his new friend another drink at some other ‘special’ evening, then another, until they formed a lasting friendship & every evening now was ‘special’ for them. The hog would appear every evening at the same time & hurriedly shuffle to the saucer, drink it & enjoy a lovely catnap in front of the radiator.

One dreads to think what happened to the hedgehog when the doctor’s sentence was up & he was free to return back to Moscow: by now the lucky animal had been introduced to all kinds of beer, wine & spirits, much like we are at TWS, so facing the harsh sober reality all of a sudden must have been hard…

Here is to TWS!