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The devil makes work

While I was mowing the grass earlier I though a sort of rolling quotation quiz might provide some amusement for those of us who currently have a lot of free time. Whoever first identifies a quote correctly can then put up another quote to be identified, and so on. Not too obscure of course but something others have a chance of knowing. If nobody replies I’ll just assume it was a silly idea. (Internet searches strictly not allowed!)

So, I’ll start of with something I think is fairly straightforward: “if I’m well you can tell she’s been with me now”

Might be no one knows… I think it is a great idea.


Well, if it goes on with a lot of incorrect answers or no answers, I’ll have to rethink. I don’t think nobody will know but maybe have to have say a 24 hour limit.
(Edit: I think someone will know)

sounds like a song lyric

I knew I knew it but couldn’t drag it up from the depths of my teenage memory so I admit I googled. Will thus keep my counsel…

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I knew somebody would. It’s the recall that is the challenge!

Something in the way she moves…James Taylor (no google)


Absolutely right. Well remembered, and over to you @AnaGramWords!

‘I see you on the street, you always act surprised, you say how are you, good luck, but you don’t mean it’.

That sounds like it should ring a bell. I’ll try my dream recall tonight.

That one I didn’t need to google.

No, it’s not coming to me, and my “phone a friend” plan hasn’t worked either.

(Edit: abject fail! On the phone we decided we would recognise it if it were D. I blame my feeble memory on health issues!)

A big clue… he’s just released a sixteen minute dirge about JFK

Yes, did get there eventually, but if it’s just 2 or 3 of us, it’s positively not the response I was hoping for. I think @Oldandintheway got there sooner anyway.


I take the 5th…

Are you Positive? :wink:

You’ve got a lot of nerve

I’ll get my coat :sunglasses:

Well done Positively 4th St

So @strawpig, are going to give us something to ponder? I wonder if slightly more recent might be a good idea? Not too recent mind you or there’s no chance at all!

Sorry, cooking duty happened.

“You can have it all, my empire of dirt” - possibly a little niche, but it’s whats just come on when I clicked random play on my entire iTune library.