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The corkscrew thread


Thought I would start a fun thread regarding corkscrews, my uncle has a fairly good collection of various interesting corkscrews and @robert_mcintosh stumbled upon a Champagne tap last year.

Thought it might be interesting to see what other odd corkscrews everyone has in the collection, my wife bought my an ‘Ah So’ cork remover for my Birthday and I have a few other corkscrews/removers at home.

Just a bit of fun :slight_smile:


I have used this in anger (read when I worked in bars/restaurants)

One of the few overly fancy corkscrews that actually adds to serving. You always pull the cork up straight! I think my record for opening a cork was under 10 seconds. Highly recommended.



Ah a Puigpull corkscrew, its also on the list of corkscrews I am looking to get, as you mention it means the cork is only ever pulled upwards rather than torquing it to one side.


I think i used it for a solid 5 years…the corkscrew element is coated so it flies in the cork. Also looks great in front of customers. The only downside is keeping the tiny blade sharp. It’s a whetstone job only.


I have one of those ‘expensive’ Screwpull ones. I got it as a wedding present almost a decade ago and its still going strong. Works a treat and no effort at all.

This Christmas I wanted something more hands on - as it were - so got a more ‘normal’ waiters friend. Albeit one with a split ‘lever’. Takes a bit of getting used to, and a few bent and broken corks, but now I’ve got the hand of it I like that one too. and it fits in the pocket.


Having a big sort out today and found a bag of corkscrews my dad found at some auction.

Not really sure what to do with them as I have a bunch of waiter’s friends that I filched from previous jobs that are more than adequate. If I were my grandmother I’d put them in a display cabinet I suppose.


Or use as torture weapons ? #options :rofl:


These corkscrews look very nifty. Does anyone know of any UK stockists for them?



Hi peter, i did see some on Amazon but they were quite pricey or from international sellers with import duty and silly shipping costs.


On the bottom row, the second one from the right (upside down, brown wooden handle) looks like a port corkscrew - they often come with a brush sticking out of the handle, and the screw has an elliptical rather than a circular cross-section. It’s supposed to be less likely to break up the cork on extraction.

(Of course the ultimate tool for removing port corks is a set of port tongs, which takes the entire neck off, cork and all).


I’ve started my own little collection of corkscrews, having been inspired by the amazing display at Yapp Brothers:


I think it makes for a stunning and ingenious talking point.

P.S. @M1tch I like what you’ve done with the subject for this thread. Well done, sir!


I had a couple of the screwpull models, the one with a plastic u shape with a detached helix. I snapped two of them in half. A very bad design. Now I use the good old waiters friend a double levelled one. In this case from majestic but TWS one is good too.

The fancy pump level thing is in the cupboard unloved. My wife said she couldn’t use the waiters friend so I brought her that, it’s still too complex apparently. I suspect we just have a bit of gender stereotyping going on! Finally got her to cut the lawn this week only took 29 years.


Had to share this with you guys.

I found it in a market stall in Bridport today and at first I thought it was just a groovy bottle opener…


…but lo and behold!

Satisfyingly heavy, too. And as a bonus, it says in vino veritas in German on it!

It will get good use in the BARZEBO this summer.


I wish you well with it (nice looking item!), though you may find using it uncomfortable on stiffer corks.


It’s a beauty! :+1: and having anything wine-related written in German is a bonus in my buch too! :grinning:


When is the barzebo-warming party again?


Yeah, it looks that way, sadly. The ‘handle’ only has room for one finger; also, the helix is narrower than my usual Screwpull device, so I certainly wouldn’t trust it on older corks either.

Das hab ich auch gedacht! :de:

Every day is the BARZEBO-warming party, all are welcome!


Oooh! I’ve got an acute case of Barzebo envy!! :star_struck:
It looks fantastic, @Herbster! :+1:


I knew I’d lost that somewhere! Also, wie ist das auf Deutsch?


I am glad that bad experiences with Screwpull were not confined to me, I said in earlier thread I had straightened the screw on one with a very difficult cork, with any tight cork you had to grip the top like mad or the thing went over the bottle opening, must be one of the most successful pieces of rubbish put on the market, and I was even mug enough to purchase the "improved " model that was little better.