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The Community Rules - do we need to 'accept' *every time* we enter? and other New Site Issues

As of last night I can’t access the community via my iPhone (no changes to the phone) - I’m forced to log in, and when I do log in I’m brought to the rules page, and when I click ‘agree’ I get sent back to the top of the page - it’s impossible to get past this page. If I click disagree, I’m just taken to TWS homepage.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Clearly many of us have had this problem, see higher up this thread where there are suggested solutions that solved it for me. I suspect that perhaps some regular contributors to the Community are missing due to this very problem. I have been in email contact with TWS about this and supplied screenshots but they do not seem to be solving this issue as it has been ongoing for months now. @TeresaGirao it would be really helpful to get a detailed response from TWS indicating what is being done and when we can expect this to be solved. It is clearly frustrating a substantial number of members.


Thanks @JosK - still having issues on my phone but at least the laptop works… it is rather annoying though!

Just experienced this for the first time on a work pc. The only way to get round it was to decline the new rules, which let me log in to the main WS website, then click on the community button to get here. Weird.

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I’m sorry to hear the ongoing issues - I have checked with our website team and they are working on a fix with our website provider, but it hasn’t been finalised. I’m very sorry for the frustrations with this! @JosK we will see if we can get a more detailed response!

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Hi @tom. I asked our web team for further feedback on this with a status update on where we’re at with this. Just letting you know that the team is aware and is working hard to get to a solution in place. We hope this can be done within the next couple of weeks, if all goes as planned - rest assured this is being worked on and we do thank you for your patience.

Thank you.

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Thank you . Any chance of progress for those of us who can’t see reviews?

I don’t know how, but I don’t have this issue at all. I use a PC tablet at home using MS Edge and a Mac at work with Chrome - all just logged in through the normal entry and not having to accept rules at all. Very happy if I can share anything useful re: Settings etc.

Just occasionally I login to get an ‘oops’ error (can’t remember exactly the message), but hitting the back arrow seems to get around this.

It hit me after a computer clean-up of browsing history, cookies, redundant files etc, which I do once a year or so. Before that, and after applying the solution mentioned higher up in this thread, no problems for me either. But I can imagine that for those with limited computer literacy (which would be a significant number of people), it may be very difficult to resolve. Hopefully TWS fixes the issue sooner rather than later.

I am on the ‘perpetual loop’ on my phone too. I don’t use it that often for accessing the Community, so I have given up trying from there. It’s ok on my tablet and desktop now, but I had an issue at first as I recall.

I can only access reviews on my tablet, not on desktop or phone. Bizarre system. Members shouldn’t have to jump through all the hoops outlined above because of a website change.

UPDATE: I managed to access via Chrome on my phone (previously just used Samsung browser), but still had to re-enter all my details and accept T&C. However the dreaded loop seems to have gone…


I’ve had an odd flip. I can now access the community on my phone but not my laptop.

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We continue to work on the ‘cookies’ issue, we will hopefully be able to provide you with an update on this soon - thanks for your feedback as always.

@MarkC ‘I can only access reviews on my tablet, not on desktop or phone.’ - is this for website product reviews?

Yes, for reviews of a wine.

Take an example, this one


On desktop (which I’m typing from) there is nothing to indicate any reviews at all. On tablet, it states ‘3 reviews’ (member) and I can read them. On here, I can see press reviews of a wine. Very strange.



Hi @MarkC Thanks for your prompt feedback. Very strange indeed, both on my laptop and desktop I can see the reviews and read them. I spoke with our user experience team and they’re aware of the issue and currently working on this, hopefully very soon this issue will be sorted. We’ll keep you in the loop on this thread :slight_smile:


My experience is similar (on laptop using Firefox, Chrome or phone): there is no indication that there are any reviews.

I’ve now got this problem, or similar. On my phone all is fine. On my tablet I can read existing threads but if I try to post I just end up going around in circles through the terms and conditions pages over and over. Very annoying indeed.

Incidentally I wonder if the “terms or use” should be the terms of use. Not that I can use it anyway on the laptop!

Its still happening - cycling through the T+C page endlessly waiting for the 1 time in 8 it works and pushes you through to the forum.

A first world problem for sure but no other website/forum comes close to the amount of “trouble” it causes.

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I had no idea it actually works. Never bothered more than a couple of times as it only affects half the devices I use to browse here.

That is still a terrible percentage in terms of acceptable service, however.

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I now have this problem and reported it.
I received an email from TWS asking me to “bare with us” while they fixed the problem. As I was on a train when I got the email I was inclined to refrain from joining in taking my clothes off. Such an action seemed to be asking for trouble.