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The Community Rules - do we need to 'accept' *every time* we enter? and other New Site Issues

I did feedback all the details to TWS including screenshots. They said they are aware of the issue. Not sure what they are doing about, I can only assume they are working on it.

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I’m now unable to use the Community with Safari. I do need to log-off and Clear History from time to time so that my VPN works for watching BBC when in France; so I’m used to having to log-on to TWS community and indeed find that Accept business tedious, but now if I do that, it re-loads the log-on window ad infinitum.

So how come I’m writing this ? It still works with Firefox…

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I find this all very odd . I have no trouble going into the community from Firefox which is my normal browser. So i tried it on Chrome. No trouble . If i want to write anything I have to log in. buts thats normal. I expect what it is is that on firefox I already have cookies because that is the browser i usually use to order

Do you need to accept the forum rules?

@Grimpeur i believe the issue is the same that others experienced.
While trying to login you are presented with T&C and when you scroll down and accept it takes you back to the top of the T&C page. It never lets you in.

Sorry - I was asking @BENEDICTNASH his particular issue in this case. Sorry for the confusion.

No ! I would have to log in if i wanted to write anything. The cookie contains information about my log in. You cant login unless there are cookies on your computer.
I dont have a problem with the wine society or other sites that i regularly use leaving cookies. My browser deletes tracking cookies.I regularly go through my cookies deleting those i dont want

I keep getting “log in” on my mac and when i go through the process it still keeps saying “log in” and that only started a week or so ago. It is driving me bonkers. Why is it happening?

I had the same issue, the above advice fixed it for me.

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Also - update Firefox to latest version.

  1. Cleared cache
  2. Latest version of Firefox (macOS)
  3. If accept all cookies, community rule acceptance goes through
  4. If don’t accept all cookies, community rule thing cycles endlessly.

I don’t think it’s a browser or cache issue for me. I can run Firefox fine in private mode, but it’s still not good that I need to accept all cookies.

I have tried all the remedies with the various browsers I use, still the same, have to log in to site and the Agree button each time, no problems elsewhere!

My iPad now has decided not to let me into the community. It asks me to click agree (on what appears to be the new user sign up page) but just goes back to the top of the page when I click agree. Ps on Safari
Pps Ok on Chrome

I’ve found that I get asked to agree to the rules if I hit the login button twice. Impatience is not rewarded

@TeresaGirao did the Web team get back to you on this? I’ve now come up against this on Firefox and as such will be avoiding the community unless it can be remedied (typing this on phone). Will save me money at least!

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Still asks me every single time I login.


The only forum I use in the whole wide internet that does this.


I am still in that same boat on my imac despite having cleared cookies etc.

I got sick of this and now use the Discourse App (on iPhone)

Seems to have been corrected now on my PC W10 using Firefox, Brave, and everything else, also my Android phone is now OK, it appears they are working their way through the various set ups!

@TeresaGirao still not working, but at least I can identify the problem.

The loop only fixes itself when you accept Performance cookies (not even Functional ones!!)

But these are described as:

These cookies allow us to recognise and count our website’s visitors, to see how visitors move around our website when they are using it and to monitor and improve the performance of our website. Information collected by these cookies is aggregated for statistical purposes and does not contain any personal data. For example: • Google Analytics – we use cookies for the Google Universal Analytics service (these may be called “_ga”, “_gali”, “_gat” and “_gid”). We use this information to compile analytics reports and to help us improve the website. • Hotjar – we use cookies for the Hotjar service which enables us to generate heatmaps to measure user interaction on pages of our website, to help us monitor and improve the overall user experience on our website. The cookie allows us to recognise repeat visitors when they return to the site.

This really isn’t the right cookie setting to force us to accept in order to remember we agree to TOS. In fact it feels like gathering data by stealth. If the acceptance of the TOS is necessary to log into the community, then surely this should be a Strictly Necessary cookie?