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The Community Rules - do we need to 'accept' *every time* we enter? and other New Site Issues

Hello all,
Since the new iteration of the website there are a few teething issues.

  1. I really don’t like cookies or tracking (it’s creepy) and always accept the minimum. This seems to break the functionality of the community.
  2. EVERY TIME I enter the community I get the massive spiel of the Community Rules, which I have to accept. This is intensely irritating and if I accept the bare minimum of cookies, I get into an endless loop of accepting, getting back to the beginning, accepting… and so on with never being able to access the community.

My recommendations:
How about:

  1. Making sure the site can run on minimal cookies - especially the Community.
  2. Having a once and for all long version of the community rules to accept. We are not children, and really don’t need to see and accept these rules every time. Really, we’re all adults here.

On the whole, the site is looking good, and seems responsive, but there’s some fine tuning needed.

(browser Firefox, MacOS).


I get the same read/repeat behaviour each time (Android/Chrome) - doesn’t stop the Earth spinning on its axis, but pretty tiresome.

Agreed, whether or not you have accepted the rules should not be tracked in a cookie at all. What if a member clears cookies, or opens a private browsing tab or whatever?

It should be tracked in the member’s profile and checked at login. If they have previously accepted the rules, don’t show them again. Simple.


So glad you asked this question, I have been meaning to do a post about it, so frustrating.

I hope that someone in the WS can put our concerns forward. It’s really, really irritating!

…and frankly it’s a bit rubbish UX design, speaking as an academic in the field…

I wonder why this is. I never get anything like that on either Safari, Firefox or Chrome, despite opting out of all non-essential cookies.


I’m trying to get to the Community site on my PC - I normally use my phone or tablet.

I am logged in to the main website. I click on Community but it assumes I am new, and will not allow me to do anything. I click on Login and it takes me to the terms of use. I click Agree and it takes me back to the top of the page.

Any suggestions?

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Same problem here (I use Firefox) - it’s something to do with your security settings and an annoyance. Total pain on my desktop, but works fine on my laptop.

This works for me:

Go to (Firefox, or whatever browser you are on) SETTINGS, Then PRIVACY & SECURITY, then CLEAR DATA.

You might need to then open Community login from scratch. Basically TWS community goes into ‘computer says no’ response if you have anything left in the PC’s cache.

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Thanks I’ll give it a try.

As a new member I had issues with the community Ts & Cs accept loop over the weekend. I tested with FF and Chrome to no avail. In the end I had to remove all TWS cookies and associated site data.

The next retrieval of the TWS site then prompts with the cookie permission/acceptance dialog. Unless I accept all cookies at this stage, attempting to accept Ts & Cs for community will always fail.

This is certainly not my usual policy and probably? violates GDPR somewhere. It is particularly odd given the options presented in the TWS cookie dialogue offer (preferable) restrictive settings as the default.

OK, I’ve done some digging. I’m using Safari and am using a private window. However it allows me to get to the community- eventually.

The ONLY way I can get through the constantly looping community rules - accept - community rules - accept to the end of time loop is to accept ALL cookies right at the start.

So the website is probably really dodgy for GDPR at the moment. It’s not giving the functionality when you accept only functional cookies. This is not good.

This also holds for Firefox on Mac. You can use a private page or a container but you have to accept All Cookies. So something is broken somewhere.

There has to be a simple way to put some sort of token that you’ve accepted the rules on your profile.

Really, for the love of all that is holy and good, can the web designers just nuke the entire ‘agreement’ page from orbit? It’s the only way to be sure.


It’s a bug hunt.

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Indeed. Fortunately many TWS Director’s have ‘digital’ in their CV’s so they will know what to do.

I was locked out for nearly a week, until I tried the above, now back, thanks!

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Hi @Grimpeur ! I’m passing this info to our web team and they’ll look into it - thanks for flagging!


I have the same issue and cannot login to the community for 2 weeks now using my iPhone. All history and cookies have been cleared but the issue continues

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You are very much missed, @Rafa! I really hope this can be sorted soon…! :pray:


@Inbar finally managed to log in today!!!
I’m happy to see so many new posts :smiley:


Hi all, I think we could be really useful as well as complaining about this. If we can all give detailed information about what’s going wrong that could be really useful for the web people. @Rafa what was your problem with the iPhone?

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Hi @Grimpeur . Great idea - if it’s the case that several members are experiencing the same issue, it’s easier if you feed back with as much detail as you can so when I pass this information to our web team they can more easily locate the issue. We continue to work on improving our website experience (including the feedback we receive), so we naturally continue to welcome any suggestions and feedback to improve your experience/ any issues you come across with. Thank you :slight_smile: