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The cocktail thread - Negroni (Vermouth or Chinato)

Pretty much the standard with Barolo Chinato replacing vermouth; 50ml apiece of gin, chinato and campari stirred on ice and served in a tumbler with a large ice cube and a slice of orange. I sometimes add Bob’s bitters orange & mandarin. Depending on your mood, 2:1:1 ratio (gin, vermouth/chinato, campari) can be more refreshing.


Sounds delicious, is the Chinato easy to get hold of over here?

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Thank god you don’t make a Negroni like Stanley Tucci. I was weeping throughout his entire Instagram video.


I just had to google this. Despicable!

The measures :scream:
The cocktail shaker :scream:
The glass :scream:


That is not a negroni. To paraphrase my spanish friends talking about variations on paella, it is “gin with things”!

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Thank you, I’ll give it a try. I seem to find my negroni’s a rather blunt instrument whereas the good one’s I have had are gentler.


If looking for subtle (well as subtle as a negroni gets), I would try 2:1:1 tanqueray 10 :antica formula: campari

Do try Chinato on a side by side basis, I do think it does well in this drink.


Or feel free to swap in vodka? :wink:


cocktail people are particularly bad at this. I’ve had some utter abominations served as French 75s. This is particularly bad. A friend of mine ordered it (mostly to troll me) and described it as an alcopop.

Is it gin and vermouth? no? It’s not a Martini then, is it?

I think it boils down to people liking the idea of these drinks but wanting much milder/sweeter concoctions than they actually are.

That said, I do occasionally like a dash of Fino in my Negroni. Classic 1:1:1 Beefeater, Martini Rosso, Campari and then another part Fino. I also occasionally age negroni using the same (minus the fino) recipe.


Shocking lack of respect isn’t it!

I wonder if bars do this somewhat so they can sell more, two proper martinis or negronis should be plenty - which probably isn’t good for margins!

Anything with too much “mixer” in it isn’t really a cocktail in my view - they should be cold & very strong!

How does the aged negroni come out?


As well as the negroni’s I’ve been on a slight tiki kick recently, so one of my mixers of choice is less strong rum.

The aged Negroni mellows out a bit (but not in a bad way) and becomes a bit syrupier in consistency, I tend to serve it straight from the freezer rather than over ice which accentuates the viscosity.

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We need a cocktail thread! How do the threads get split out, is that a @Mentor thing?

What’s your tiki recipe?

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Combine it with the threads on what to watch and you can enjoy the Frick series Cocktails with a Curator:


15 minutes on a picture plus a cocktail recipe.


Tiki cocktails are generally very easy to make delicious as long as you stick slightly close to the formula. I work from a basic daiquiri recipe of 3 parts rum, 2 parts lime juice, 1 part something sweet (sugar syrup for the traditional daiquiri) and play from there usually.

My current favourite is something reasonably similar to a Zombie. I don’t have any apricot brandy so I’ve been using maraschino as the sweet and an absinth rinse. I am mostly using Plantation Pineapple Rum (which makes up for the lack of pineapple juice, and is what I happen to have in) along with some Bacardi 151 floated on top (and set fire to, should you feel the need to the extra kitsch!).


Also should point out that I am 100% here for the extra kitsch.


This thread reminds me of the joke:
An Englishman goes into a bar in Glasgow. He goes up to the bar and asks for a lager top.
The whole of the bar goes quiet.
The barman stares at him and says: “We dinnae do cocktails, pal!”


Tomorrow is Tequila Sunday for us, I’ve got a bottle of Don Julio blanco that will be both sipped (along side some sangrita or verdita) as well as made into margaritas (chilled, straight up).

Carnitas tacos on the menu…


A sort of Catalan Americano - one part Campari, one part Vermut Negre and one part Mediterranean tonic water, slice of orange.


Big fan of fan of the Dolin Vermouth sold by TWS…mixed with gin ( Absolut for my other half) slice of orange and poured over ice . Campari or bitters to taste.



Negroni anyone?

The Gin is a house pouring we discovered on a stop over from Scotland at Tanners and excellent VFM given it’s history

Dolin from you know who and off we go perfect for a blustery cool evening.