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The "Christmas" word (2019)

Hey Mike, I think the TWS wine gods have listened and smiled upon us…an early showing of the Christmas Fine Wine list maybe? (In fact, if you look at mixed cases on the website there has been a large number of quite splendid additions…) :thinking:

Currently 60 cases available, shortly to be 59 :grin:


Good spot but, oh Lord decisions decisions, Is this another one to add to my order I’ve set for November delivery (which already has the Lebanese inbetweeners mixed case in it!)? All my good resolutions seem to be going up in smoke(iness and spiciness)!

I already have 2 '99s and 3 '12s but no '08s! I probably don’t need another two '12s but I wouldn’t object to another couple of '99s! Also I’ve been wondering about an interesting wine to gift to some friends who are great Rioja lovers and a mature Musar might just be the ticket. The average price of £26 is a little high for the '12 though not too much, but it’s a good price for the '99 and probably the '08!

Have I just convinced myself? Maybe :blush::sunglasses:

ETA: Ho hum that’s the second time I’ve added to that order now. This is the danger of setting up an order with a delivery date over a month out!

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It’s easier for me, I’ve some 2008s, no 2012 and now no 1999, which I absolutely loved. But yes, orders are being placed thick and fast at the moment, to the chagrin of both my bank balance and my better half… :disappointed_relieved:


It is indeed from the Christmas list, and there’s a load more stuff now on the site (checkout additions if you browse by country/region for Austria, Italy, Burgundy, Rhone etc). Looks like a really good mix of stuff. And a mixed case for a grand, which I reckon might be a first for TWS (lots of more affordable mixes too!).


My first thought is - What an extravagance! £1,000 for five and a half bottles of wine!

Then I remember that many’s the time I’ve spent over £1,000 on much less worthy things …

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It was the realisation that we are behind on any aspect of xmas planning when, earlier this week, my son suddenly declared he hadn’t written an xmas list yet and there are only 6 weeks to go!

Christmas is normally a late starter in our house - mainly by tradition as my parents birthdays are at the end of November and start of December and we never decorated the house etc until my Mother’s birthday had finished. This year, it’s going to be a little strange as sadly my father passed away last month but we will continue our normal traditions…

Christmas Day is a set piece… many years ago we decided xmas was (for us) about celebrating time with family and we do that with food and drink - but traditional xmas dinner is too much to sit down to in one go so we made a subtle twist ( it also makes the day a lot less stressful!)
Breakfast - smoked salmon and scrambled eggs - Champagne (2006 Boever)
Present opening - with champagne (grower purchased)
Lunchtime - this is when we eat our starter - normally fish/seafood and served with appropriate white normally a Bdx Blanc or Chardonnay (Burg, US)
Teatime - main course - we haven’t decided yet…might go with a turkey or goose or nice rib of beef…so wine tbc but have my eye on a couple of PNs down the cellar and a nice Chinon as the other option (and a pinot gris for my mother - doesn’t drink too much red anymore). If we go beef will be Bdx
Suppertime - dessert / cheese. we are more a cheese family than a dessert one (Cheese was the ‘dessert’ at our wedding breakfast!) but this is where we will open a wide range of bottles - whites, reds, sweets and they will go with the cheese and continued into the evening …normally I get a range of bottles up from the cellar and people say what they would like…what doesn’t get opened on xmas day will roll to the Boxing Day buffet

right…best get down the cellar and start to earmark some potentials !


Escaping to Andalusia, so hopefully Vinissimus will be able to coordinate an order…


@JamesE placed the order but they were great in the summer. Responding to changes in delivery dates , immediate credit for one corked wine. We were really impressed with the service.

Considering my relative ignorance of Spanish producers, we were pretty happy with the wine too, not to mention the prices.

Prices were good, service impeccable , the only issue I had was selecting what to buy - just too much yumminess to choose from!


And most of the best stuff isn’t even on the radar of anyone here!

I’ve used them a fair bit over the years and they are good value, but becoming increasingly less so with diminished GBP power. Occasionally you can pick up the odd brand cheaper in the UK, but generally its better value from them. Some decent Italian stock too.

Going back Vinissimus’ very first EP offer I think they did in 2014 was very decent indeed, although later ones have been poorer. Artadi Valdigenes was going for £15.50. The first EP I tried. Drank my first bottles way too early and wondered what exactly had I bought?! but they are drinking very well now.

I’ve used Vinissimus a lot less since the pound weakened significantly too. These days I mostly use them as a source of unfashionable (and too fashionable - white tondonia/gravonia) and my occasional investigate of Pago wines. Their Italian counterpart is also useful for more interesting/less fashionable stuff too.

I was impressed with both range of sherries and the service at Gourmet Hunters.

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I’ve actually used Vinissimus more. Not so much because of price, but to get hold of stuff I’m never going to see again once the gates of the Brexit prison clang shut for good.

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My secret guilty pleasure. Love the stuff. I use both Vinissimus and decantalo. What one doesn’t have is usually stocked by the other. Brilliant service from both of them.

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Decantelo even had their Rose in stock a few months ago!

[Edit: and a quick check says it does right now, although £50 a bottle is too rich for my blood at this point in time!]

Neither of them stock the really small production stuff, in general!

Just ordered some more Hungarian wines to have over Christmas in Hungary… a bottle each of:

Luka - Zweigelt 2017 - This is from a cooler region (Sopron) on the Austrian border, expecting a lighter style
Kali Kovek - Tagyon - Szurkebarat (Pinot Gris) 2018 - Hoping more Gris than Grigio… from an up and coming region and winery
Heimann - Bikaver 2016 - from my home town (Szekszard) something probably a bit fuller bodied than the other reds.
Pannonhalmi - Pinot Noir 2018 - heard good thing about their PN, decided to try…
Legli - Pezsgo - Villa Boclar 2015 - a traditional method sparkler, a blend of Riesling and Furmint
P.A.N.K - Syrah Brut Rose - Pet Nat 2018 - Something a bit more funky… might just be a one off, we shall see.


szaki1974 is there anywhere you would recommend for getting Hungarian wines delivered to the UK?

I don’t order for delivery to the UK, so not really sure. The Hungarian wines I have in the UK are all from TWS. Wines of Hungary have a list of importers they work with in the UK that may be of some help… http://winehungary.co.uk/our-parnters/

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