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The "Christmas" word (2019)



Thanks for the heads up Mike, I’ll take a look. 1999 was a great Musar year, its the year we got married so I laid some down for anniversaries. Sadly we drank the last one this year for our 20th. It had aged far better than I have :grin:


I bought one from them and as soon as I drank it I went back for two more along with some other vintages! I have seen that 1999 going £40 elsewhere, so they’re not a bad deal either. Typically a little more than TWS for the same vintage when TWS have stock, but not by much.


Yeah, I feel yet another wine order coming on…now where can I hide this one :rofl:


Bit of a non event for me. One of the most boring times of year, enforced holidays at a time when it’s too cold everywhere and too expensive to get to the places where it isn’t!


I enjoy Christmas, but perhaps a little less each year. It doesn’t help that I work in an industry that is helping its customers prepare for Christmas in September and October. The absolute obsession with the Christmas trading period is a dysfunctional part of our largely service economy. Too much money is spent at this time by us all and it encourages a biased response from retailers; Christmas trees up in M&S for at least two weeks already!! #Christmasfatigue


I agree the commercial side of Christmas is nothing if not sickening. And getting worse every year (though you can say the same about Halloween, Bonfire night, Easter… something to do with Bread and Circuses, perhaps?).

My other view - as an outsider who has been living here for 24 years - coming from a country where holidays are virtually celebrated every month (the Jewish calendar is secretly all about excuses to gather and eat) - I wonder if there’s something do with a sense of ‘occasion’ about Christmas, which makes it stand out as well? How may holidays do we have where spending time with one’s family, eating drinking and being merry is the implied tradition? Sunday lunch, I supposed - but how many people actually sit every Sunday to eat a special meal with their family?

So maybe the frenzy that is Christmas has something to do with that, too. With my counsellor’s hat on, I also know that this is one of the most depressing and lonely time of year for many (with terrible rates of suicide) - perhaps for that very emphasis on family and togetherness.

On a personal (and an atheist) note, for me this is a chance to celebrate winter and the cosiness that comes with living indoors, or spending time in pubs by the crackling fire; it is also a chance to appreciate the gloriously barren and wild look of nature this time of year. So the insane commercial side of this celebration usually passes me by.


This is exactly how I feel :christmas_tree:


Claustrophobic and fractious weekends unable to get the kids outside because of the weather. Inexorable weight gain. Leaving the house and coming home in the dark. Christmas is fun, particularly with little ones, but I would cheerfully leave behind the next five months of cold, mud and dark if circumstances permitted.


Couldn’t agree more + the opportunity to be away from work with an excuse to turn the work phone off :slight_smile:


As a retired person I find that all these people on leave makes everywhere too crowded! :grinning:


Oh yes! Our University closes for 10 days between Christmas and new year, a ‘forced’ holiday of the best kind, which me and the better half always use for a seasonal escape to the countryside. :+1:


I might have said this last year, but I’ve decided that winter’s a short season, in my mind at least: December’s such a mad frantic build-up that it flies by; then there’s Christmas/New Year and the blur of eating/drinking/broken toys; so then we only have to trudge through January and before you know it, the Six Nations comes along and heralds the spring!


Lucky you! We’re busy right up to Christmas Eve afternoon and then back in on the 27th. Wish we were closed too! Also as an atheist, it’s more a winter celebration, but I admit to really enjoying a Good Carol service or at least carols on the radio. Do like many of the ‘lights’ brightening the darkness…


Oh, me too! One of the most heart-breaking xmas moments I can recall was listening to a group of women singing carols in the high street in Sherborne. It honestly brought me to tears!

Another highlight was evensong in Canterbury Cathedral during festive season. Even from my secular perspective, these are enjoyable and moving experiences.


I try to pick a theme every year albeit I’m a bit more disciplined with the reds than the whites. With reds I have a theme, with whites just buy classic wines. Always one fizz and one sweetie always different and just something I’d like to try.

2018 Spain: Rioja Alta 890, Contino vina del Olivo, Vega Sicilia Alion.
2017 Cabernet: Moss Wood, L’Ecole no. 41, Chateau Clarke.
2016 Rioja: Muga Prado Enea, Marqués de Cácares Gaudium

Not decided on this years ideas. All suggestions welcome.


For me, Christmas = red Burgundy. So either that, or a general Pinot theme (Spatburgunder, the Newton Johnson from SA, etc).


Nothing planned yet but I tend to be pretty formulaic - a breakfast cocktail and NV champagne in the morning, vintage champagne with nibbles, alsace or burgundy white with first course, bordeaux/rioja/burgundy/ barolo with second and a port or fortified to finish.

Was a but of a struggle last year as it was just me and my 8 month pregnant wife, but I managed most of it…

A larger group this year (8), so I think magnums will be in order. I think Christmas is generally a good time for mid range bottles rather than the very best, there is so much going on anyway and there are always a few that will just glug anything down quickly.


The sacrifices we must sometimes make… :rofl:


Hi all,

So, the Christmas shop is now open with loads of tempting gifts, the Society Christmas hamper looks good :smiley:

Just wondering what people are planning for their Christmas table this year, just looking through my reserves to see what I might get delivered ready for the main event. Although I won’t be hosting anyone this year I know my dad will want some help with picking the right wines for the table!

What are people planning?


I may have to refer to my diary secretary !!! Hop House 13 will be my fridge beer !!