The BREAKFAST thread

Not that wine and breakfast are related in any way but…

Fried duck egg, black pudding, baked beans and toast. Sorry for the slapdash plate, it was “a bit of an emergency” :laughing:


Can’t argue with the ingredients there Dan, but those beans are straying mightily close to the egg for my liking.

As I’m completely off the wagon this weekend I had the last of my Staffordshire oatcakes with bacon, cheese and mushrooms. It’s pure nostalgia for me, growing up in Cheshire these were a Saturday morning treat once a month or so, I always bring a dozen back up to Glasgow whenever I’m down visiting family.


My mum’s from near Stoke and a big memory of trips up to visit my grandma as a kid is grilled oatcakes with Cheshire cheese and plenty of black pepper. Add a bit of bacon and you’re in heaven. I really need to get some!


Due to runny yolk and baked bean sauce mixing ? If so, I have a similar aversion. It must be a visual thing for me because it isn’t a problem if scrambled eggs are involved !

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But…where’s the tinned tomatoes!

Omit the black pudding and you have the weekend breakfast of students - leastways was in my days.

Black Pudding is a poor cousin to Hogs pudding. So rarely see Hogs pudding :sleepy:

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Exactly, can’t be having yolk and bean juice mixing

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You’ve started some thing now😉 @danchaq

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The next photo shall have egregious mixing of yolk and bean! :smiling_imp:


I thought that’s a new one to me. When I did a google search to find out more I believe I have actually eaten it, maybe 50 years ago. My mum was from Devon and I’m pretty sure that was on the breakfast menu as a small child when I lived there.

Other white pudding I’ve tried have never compared with those childhood memories.

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LOL ! I’ll have to avert my eyes if you do.

Is that sunny side up or over easy? Anyway there was no sunny side up here this morning, just rain. My breakfast is nearly always a slice of toast and home made marmalade followed by a slice of toast and honey. A modest two course meal to start the day.

Over easy. Can take the boy out of California…

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What are you doing eating beans! You should be having a big stack.

i remember when i was 17 -i am 75 now- going with a lot of young people from the MAYC Methodist Associations of youth clubs on a coach trip to Belgium and Holland. I remember in Brugge having ham and egg for breakfast with the ham being in large slices with the egg wjite and yoke covering the ham.
I was also sitting opposite a young lady who insisted on rubbing her leg up my leg, I being shy did not know how to respond. I remember enjoying the breakfast.


Poveys oatcakes… Available on line!

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