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The Bordeaux buyer's favourite wines


I would be interested to know how other members would interpret this topic:

‘we will be drinking some of Tim’s favourite wines, and hearing what makes the regions he buys for so special to him.’

I booked for the Stevenage lunch on 31 Aug, and when the wine list came through, there was one Bordeaux, one Greek, one Moroccan, one New Zealand, one Asti Spumante, and as the aperitif a Champagne. Is this what others would have expected from this description?

I have cancelled, but TWS seems surprised.


I assume he also buys from these other regions? No ?


The others stated in the information about the lunch were Beaujolais and sherry.


Hm tough one, it’s open to interpretation IMHO but doesn’t really conflict. I can see how that might excite some but put others off. Personally, I’d still go because I find hearing from the buyers enthralling. I trust there was no issue getting a refund?


Refund: no real problem, but they didn’t have a simple record of my payment so I had to have it added to my account (lead me not into temptation…) or send my CC information by email.
Information about buyer: available on website under the information about buyers.
The wines themselves are not really worth getting a bus to Stevenage for. Prices, rounded: £8; 10; 13; 15; 22; probably about 20.
And 2 were fizzies, which some might like, but I don’t.


Well if it was promoted as the Bordeaux buyer’s favourite wines I think I would assume a fair number of wines from that region with some Bordeaux blends from elsewhere too perhaps. Though I suppose his favourite wines could all be non Bordeaux and not even Bordeaux blends - in which case I’d expect some kind of qualifier on the advert to point that out.