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I would go and read recent cellar tracker notes. In summary, a lottery.

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If you go via quidco you’ll get an additional 8% discount on top so that takes it to £51.52.

At that price, I’d say buy a ticket to the lottery.

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Does anyone know when Tim normally announces his ‘Christmas claret’? Last year it was the Peyrabon I think.


One to look out for when the next 25% off appears (although the 2015 oddly became out of stock and came back into stock again afterwards last time).


One I’d like to try yes

£350 for a 75cl bottle

There are a few decent bottles on the current Museum Release list, most too high-powered for my post-Christmas wallet, but this did catch my eye:


Not cheap at £35/half but a cracking vintage for this wine. Might tempt @MikeFranklin?


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I keep looking at that and it is tempting but I keep multiplying it up to a bottle and I have only once gone up to the hallowed heights of £70 for a bottle. Particularly when I have EP Langoa Barton from '19 and '20 coming in at around £38 duty paid (though the new taxes might make them a little more). So those bottles are only slightly more than that half bottle!

I very nearly did order some as originally it was described as “A bottle of…” and the pricing and ordering both specify bottles, it was only the details that said 37.5cl. I did mention this to TWS and the title was changed to “half bottle” but the pricing and ordering still specifies bottles. There are quite a lot of bottles (though not all, showing that it can be fixed) on the current list where the pricing and ordering states bottle not half bottle.


I may be wrong here (almost certainly am!) but I thought one of the appeals of EP was you paid the tax and duty (or at least the duty) due at the time of purchase, rather than the time you pay it. It’s future EP purchases that’ll be hit by the new duty, not the treats we already have.

You are wrong. It’s the tax and duty due at the point they come out of bond. So the tax changes are in March 2023. Assuming you take your EP out of bond as soon as they arrive in Stevenage, this rise won’t catch the 2019 Bordeaux as it due to arrive in summer 2022, but will catch the 2020 when that arrives in summer 2023. Of course if you keep the EP 2019 in bond until after March 2023, you would pay the higher rate


In which case another point for TWS storage, where I can un-bond, but leave sleeping!


I was prompted by this to think about the total cost of your 19/20 bottles once duty, tax and storage are taken into account (I would have to store bottles like that at TWS, having neither space nor sufficiently good facilities to store them here for a prolonged period - which I have a feeling doesn’t apply in your case).

I make it about £57/btl after ten years’ storage, not completely accurate but give or take, at today’s prices assuming TWS storage increases with inflation. So still decently less than £70, but 50% more than the EP price.

I know it is obvious that wines cost more than their EP price but I do tend to forget how much it adds up to. A £20 wine kept for ten years would by my crude method be about £35 all-in.



Yes, I’m lucky in that up here in the Highlands you can get a lot of house for comparatively little money. So I actually have a significantly bigger house than I need. I currently have a 300 bottle fridge/cabinet and racking for about 200 bottles; the other benefit of the Highlands is that the ambient temperature outside never really gets higher than 25C, and usually less, so even in the height of summer my hall (where the racks are) never gets above 18C (one metre thick stone walls helps there!). However I actually have a ‘utility’ room that is about 5m x 2m to which I’m planning to add a cooling unit and keep everything in there - just need to add a door to it first. So I currently have 460 bottles in the house.


That option is a rather expensive one if I was to do all in bond before March 23. Better to pay an extra quid or 2 when I want to remove rather than send me spiralling into debt!


Yeah. I’ve just done those sums too.

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I always pay duty and VAT as soon as the wine arrives in Stevenage, on the basis that they are much more likely to go up than down. Also, when I withdraw the wine it really is ‘free’.


Good planning… Although if you had Champagne or 7-10% abv German Riesling for example still under bond, you might be tempted to wait until the decrease in duty on those sorts of wines before paying and withdrawing.

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That’s true, but typically these wines are not offered ib by the Wine Society.

Loads of new releases on the site today


Senejac 2014 at £12.95 is a keen price. Haven’t tried the vintage but consistent performer and that price is surely what it was EP (or less). Some nice 2015 releases also around £30 - Baron de Brane, Lacoste Borie, etc