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Interesting new addition below of a lovely wine. Price appears a little ambituous though :slight_smile:

@laura could I ask you to check this one to see whether it’s a magnum or based on a case of 12 rather than 6. Price elsewhere appears to be around £62 a bottle duty paid so expect it’s a typo.

That’s highly unlikely to be the correct price. Can I ask from which merchant you got that price from?

I was a little surprised too but on Wine Searcher I’m seeing it from around £65 duty paid:

The key difference here is the price is by case and not by bottle.
There’s also seem to be a min £500 order as it’s a broker

Hi Rafa,

Mike highlighted the search that I did, this was the link I saw. £595/12 in bond so and it looks like there are others like Crump etc. that are similar. As you say that is a by the case price rather than bottle, but there is a by the bottle at Idealwine for not much more as well.

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At the in laws yesterday for a BBQ and gathering. They’ve got some generous friends. I’ve told them to tuck it away for Xmas Day. Hopefully I can sneak a taste.


As @Jonathan8 says, and also the TWS case price is £774 for a case of 6 as opposed to the price on there which is £310 (375 duty paid). That’s nearly double the price whether you look at bottle price or case price.

I know that that this is probably of limited interest to most but a few half-bottles of the 2020 Haut-Bailly are currently available at Lay & Wheeler for £39. It has been rated very highly by quite a few critics and, although I know it’s purely psychological, it does appear slightly more palatable than the full bottle price.


Edit: Apologies, my error but it’s £49, not £39.


I was going through the small booklet they sent. Nicely put together and good to have format options for so many wines

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I’m almost convinced that TWS price must be for magnums or a 12 case

Yes very possible, something not quite right anyway!

Thanks, @Rafa. I haven’t received this and so led me to browse the currently available half-bottles. Some good options, including Pontet-Canet, Lynch-Bages, GPL and Giscours. Just when I thought my EP was over…


I got a case been delivered Friday. Has anyone tried this vintage?

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Not that particular wine but I remember that '11 '12 '13 were all leanish vintages which I avoided. Don’t expect too much and don’t keep them too long either (IMHO) of course.

Ah but there are some gems even if the vintage itself is not a very good one. I recently picked up a case of 2012 Gruaud Larose for a relative song. The peerless Guide Hachette gave it their rare coup de coeur and their top rating of three stars, and that’s based on the bottled wine, the book doesn’t come out until several years after the vintage. I’m very excited to try it!

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Vintage comparisons are the hardest things to get right and several years ago I wrote to Decanter Magazine suggesting the following.

First of all the vintages should be graded A-E so that 1990 would be an A and 2013 an E etc etc.

Secondly a wine could be marked out of 100 ergo a great 1990 would qualify as A96 for example and good wine from 2013 could also be an E96 but the difference in quality plainly obvious.

Needless to say Decanter never even acknowledged the suggestion.


All 3 are not great vintages but I would rate them as good.
I had the chance to try wines from 11,12 and 13 and all have been excellent

Agree. I’m going through a case of Malartic Lagraviere 2012 and it’s lovely if a tad young.

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One for @MikeFranklin


Interesting one but I really can’t be buying any more wine for immediate(ish) drinking at the moment, as I’ve just got too much! (I can think of worse problems!).