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Thankyou. In that case I have rather more wine to get through prior to 2030 than I realised. I will need to rethink how to go about buying wine to drink 2030-2040. Buy more Barolo might be the answer but then that is probably the answer to many of life’s conundrums. Back to the drawing board.


I’m in a similar position in that I have far too much that is hitting the end of its window in the next 2-3 years. The only consolation is that the TWS end window is usually pretty conservative. The good stuff can normally be expected to go longer…probably! Oh, and, fortunately, I am particularly fond of the mature flavours!


Party at Mike’s house?

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If you can get here!

The drinking window issue I find is why a mixed case of 6 gives you one shot unless you have a Coravin but still that is not ideal. This has had me swing a little more to getting the same wines in 6 bottles to sample over time.

With all the encouragement these forums give I find over the last 2 years I have a lot more wine …I am now waiting to reach its drinking window. The changes brought on by Covid certainly helped re-evaluate the keeping of some of my older pre-2010 purchases. A steady purchase of wine helps stop the hoarding of the last bottle or so of past older EP offers now disappearing out of replacement budgets.


I’ve been known to travel for free wine…


Good point re conservative tws window. I would like to avoid feeling compelled to drink any wine that I have too much of, I am sure I will find some chums willing to assist. I am still mulling over what future consumption might look like.

So far I have been buying multiples of wines going into reserves rather than mixing cases so as to experience changes over time but am yet to start drinking any of it which will no doubt change when I revisit the drinking windows in light of what I am learning. I can feel a spread sheet coming on to check what might need drinking per year rather than thinking I can figure it out some time in the distant future. Very useful food for thought Mike and Ian, thank you both.


I paid £210 in 2019 for a case of 12 half bottles of the 2010 from TWS. Your 2011 price sounds good but also no change in price on the 2010s in a few years

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My spreadsheet highlights wines that have hit the mid point in their window and again in a different colour when they’re within two years of the window close. I’m not religious about it in the slightest, these windows can be so very subjective, but it does highlight wines worth considering sooner rather than later.


Shhhh, you’re not allowed to say that in this thread (you are right though :speak_no_evil:)


I recently received a bottle of Chateau Potensac 2000 - a Christmas gift from family I’ve only now been able to see.

I don’t know the wine but 2000 was a decent vintage and I look forward to giving it try.

The wine was purchased from BBR - and I did wonder whether it has likely been sold when past its probable recommended drinking window.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this wine or what the recommended drink dates would be?

I don’t know the wine, but there are a few posts on Cellartracker that appear to signal it’s towards the end of it’s drinking window

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I’ve had cases of the 2003 and 2010, both excellent. It used to be a lot cheaper, but still seems reasonable value. Good example of well made cru bourgeois Medoc. Think I’d probably open that bottle sooner than later, I’m sure you will enjoy it.