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My notes from the same event (I did mine yesterday, was otherwise engaged on Thursday).

‘20 barrel sample: Purple deep opaque core. Alcoholic nose with some sweetness poking through some floral whiffs maybe the odd rose petal. Dark tinted, burnt toast, highly structured with bold mouth coating tanins. A slight medicinal note, a nod to TCP.

‘16: Deep Ruby. Not shy on the nose. Beautiful red and dark fruits. I could smell this all evening. The vanilla and fruit from the nose comes through on the palate. Tannins quickly catch up and dominate. Will be a stunner I am sure. Suggestion by the merchant it is entering the window with a 3 hour decant. I disagree. I would buy and hold until at least the early 2030s with great anticipation.

‘10: Medium Ruby. Not concentrated on the nose but all there in terms of the mix of dark and red fruits with vanilla a touch diluted for me, I would turn the fragrance up. In the mouth certainly the smoothest of the lot. That mix of fruits and vanilla were there. Balanced. Plays with a straight bat. JP Foubet (from the Chateau) said it was “an idea of purity” and was the WOTN as @Furryshark pointed out. For me it was a little bit school prefect - smart, well behaved and polite but not thrilling company.

‘09: Deep Garnet on the rim maybe. Medium ruby core. Moderate intensity on the nose with a touch of plummyness, which I didn’t detect at all on the previous 3. Doesn’t quite deliver on palate and seems a bit mean. JP Foubet spoke about high cocoa chocolate and I could see what he means. Tanins running riot. I think this needs quite some time.

‘03: Lightly coloured rim. Maybe a bit garnet? Medium ruby core. On the nose clear dark plummy aromas with a touch of floral freshness too. Lovely. The plummyness comes through to the palate where it meets dark burnt characteristics when a load of tanins come and rule the roost. A long finish on this one which left an appetising flavour of baked walnut in the mouth. References on the call to an Italian style. The fruits take you up before the tanins and some acidity pull you back to earth. This shines a light of hope that the 2009 will hopefully follow. Still plenty of miles ahead of this.

All in all a fascinating tasting. I really liked the ‘16, so much so I may use some of 2020 EP budget to get myself some.

I have seen on these pages people tucking into bottles of Chasse Spleen from the ‘90s and even the 80s and I think they would be my first choice (if I had a choice) for drinking now. These are serious, structured wines that generally need at least 15-20 years in my (very) humble opinion. JP Foubet recommended 12-15 as a general rule of thumb.


Fab tasting notes! I would have bought more of the 2016 if it were available. Indeed Chasse Spleen is a wine for the long haul. I have seen the 2016 for a good price, a case of 12, which is more than I want, alas.

I hope the jab went smoothly.

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It did thanks! I had the Pfeizer one and have had no issues. Although a colleague did say that the second jab ‘gets you’ on the Pfeizer one. People talk a lot of old tosh about these things so time will tell :joy:

Edit: I also saw a case of 12 of the ‘16 for a tad over £250 IB. I don’t think it’s a wine which will be hard to find or one which will rocket in price so I’ve popped it on my wish list. I think I purchased my 2009s in 2019.


Not for my wife and me. The first was ok too - just a sore arm for 24 hours.

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Had to Pfizer jabs. Noticeably sore arm on both occasions for a couple of days.

Was a little wiped out day after 2nd jab… but had 2 kids up 5 times between 11pm and 6am so that sounds more like the reason to me. Nothing serious and back up and running the next day after a good sleep.

Good luck!


I just noticed this although I’m not sure how long it has been up. It doesn’t say anything about VAT and Duty (not that I’ll be purchasing) but it won’t arrive until September in any case. I believe this was the first vintage that Latour did not release En Primeur?


One can dream… :rofl:


This is a classic example where being able to buy IB would be beneficial

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