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The Bordeaux Browsers

Yeah, I think it might well be a little less after storage costs: I bought a dozen en primeur and it came to £10-something per bottle after tax, so £12.95 in 2022 is a great price.

I’ve had six so far and they’ve been very good - as you say, Sénéjac is a consistent performer and this one’s no exception.


That’s a wine that is close to my heart, at a stupid low price.

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Here is a useful review -

“Château Sénéjac (Haut-Médoc) 2014: A very fragrant, feminine, perfumed character on the nose, with plenty of red cherry fruit, as well as a little touch of toffee sweetness from the oak. A beautifully textured palate though, with perfumed red cherries, raspberries, a little vanilla and toffee sweetness intertwined here also, wrapped up in a fine, supple character. This is impressive, with a fresher more red style of fruit admittedly, but with lovely balance, texture and gras .”


How dare you challenge my willpower, and my determination to not overstock my cellar with excellently priced claret! Can someone ban me from this forum before I do more damage to my self-restraint.


That added rather a lot to my current order. There were a few of my favourite mid range ones in there all in '15s and '16s so really couldn’t miss them out! So a couple each of: Château Poujeaux, Moulis 2015, Segla Margaux 2015, Marquis de Calon, Saint-Estèphe 2016, Baron de Brane Margaux 2015, Château Beau-Site, Saint-Estèphe 2016

Gulp! But the Marquis de Calon and Ch Beau-Site really don’t appear very often…


Tim Atkin’s latest podcast was really interesting. It was a conversation with Jane Anson about the shared history of Bordeaux and Rioja. Well worth a listen.


Thanks for this, really interesting. Coincidentally, I’ve just tried a bottle of Baron de Chirel Rioja (mentioned in the podcast). Didn’t realise there is some Cabernet Sauvignon in the blend.


I’ve been trying to limit my time on the community recently as it’s proving to be financially ruinous, but the appearance of Senejac on the list reminds me that @Rio_Jano recommended it to me early in this thread in response to my Bordeaux-skepticism. I ended up picking up a bottle of the 2017 vintage last year from the Co-op (in central Manchester, not The Strand!) after forgetting to bring a bottle from home for a Monday Night £5 corkage meal at Hawksmoor. Consider me a convert! While obviously very young, the quality of the winemaking shone through and I understood what people who use the tasting note ‘graphite/pencil lead’ mean for the first time.

All of which is a long-winded way of saying that a case of the 2014 is on its way for me to sample over the next 5 or so years; and my resolution of '“no wine purchases until Rhone '20” is in tatters…


My parents opened a bottle of 2017 Senejac randomly from my wine rack last summer (they were babysitting so fair enough). Although it should have been green and tight it was really enjoyable even then. I bought another one from the co-op to rest for a few years and definitely couldn’t resist a few 2014s thus week.

Co-op wine prices themselves are pretty good for retail, so Senejacs at £4 cheaper with three years’ extra ageing is a brilliant deal. Long may TWS offer these affordable gems to members.


Think it was coop where I got mine very drinkable

Low stock now too

This seems to be a good value Pomerol considering the producer and the scores

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Due in tomorrow with some good reviews



I can’t read the reviews, but it is very tasty indeed. Must try and hide my last bottle somewhere dark and secret.

For those that can’t see reviews:

5.0 star rating


Incredible value

Nuff said. Intrigued to know the producer just so I can write to them and thank them but this spectacular delight for less than a tenner.

5.0 star rating


Good value Sauternes

Another successful indirect purchase of classy Sauternes by the Society. A rich wine at an excellent price. As suggested by the bottle notes at the butterscotch end of the scale, rather than the barley sugar you might anticipate at this price point.

4.0 star rating


Classic Sauternes

Very well priced top notch Sauternes in half bottles. The flavour develops over several days after opening and the sweetness is never cloying.

5.0 star rating


Being tempted by the Buyers’ reviews and its winning of Champion status I sampled an half bottle with eagerness and expectation. Now suffering an excess of alliteration and anticipating for another taste of the wine; I have some cases in Members’ Reserves so that I can note changes in bottle over time. Succinctly, if there were more than 5* then this would have them! Excellent Sauternes. Exceptional wine although a blend of vintages which I being an amateur could not notice. Brought to my memory the similarity of the depth of a fine vintage cognac, Madeira or sherry. Balanced supremely, Length to sublimity, Intensity of sensibilty, Complexity to supreme subtlety.


Thanks for highlighting, missed it last time so a few to reserves. Drinking window is to 2029, any views on how far this blend might be able to go.

Thanks! I’ve gotten through rather a lot of a case already!

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First write up I’ve found from the recent southwold blind tasting of the 18s in bottle:


Thanks @Absolutebeginner. Very reassuring, as I have bought a fair number of the wines that were mentioned.

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Wow. I would have been in the market for that Senejac 2014 but sold out in less than a fortnight.

I think this is part of that discussion elsewhere, whether TWS growth actually works for its existing customer base. Surely to list a wine, especially a new wine, you need to acquire more than 10-12 days stock?