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The Bordeaux Browsers

Thanks Nicola, well spotted. I’ll also share these that have just appeared:

Château Saint-Pierre, Saint-Julien 2014: usually a classy Saint-Julien and probably needs a little more time: Château Saint-Pierre, Saint-Julien 2014

Château Lalande Borie, Saint-Julien 2014: another vintage of this tasty second wine. Château Lalande Borie, Saint-Julien 2014

Château de Pitray Cuvée Cabernet Franc, Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux 2018: the unusual 100% cabernet franc bordeaux is back in, very keen to try this as recall seeing both @inbar and @peterm mentioning it. Château de Pitray Cuvée Cabernet Franc, Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux 2018


Indeed! :grinning: me and the other half loved the 2017 - right up our street! Thanks for the heads up about the 2018 - going to see if I can add a couple to an order coming later this week! :+1:

Given that the “1874” offers finish this week, I’d not be surprised if we get a new Christmas list sometime very shortly!

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I thought I read the new list is out this week/next and then the Christmas list in Mid Nov.


This is more likely.

Interesting comment from Jancis Robinson The 2011s to buy | JancisRobinson.com (linked by @winechief here )

This year, most unfortunately, it was the turn of 2017 and 2011 to be poured in sensible flights from anonymised bottles, so two distinctly disappointing vintages. I couldn’t attend the 2017 tasting but subsequent reports, such as these ones from Tom Parker MW, were not enthusiastic. Coincidentally, these were two of the least ripe vintages for red bordeaux this century – though 2021 may rival them on some estates.

Sounds like a poor one for the next Bordeaux EP (2021). Wonder how the prices will shift! (Upwards probably).


Interesting to know.
I don’t tend to agree with the 2011 vintage statement. It is known as an average vintage, maybe 5/10 however the wines I tried were really good. I get that doesn’t apply to all but my experience so far has been good and I hold some stock of 2011.


I’m quietly confident that the Pontet-Canet, Canon and La Conseillante are, in all likelihood, not going to disappoint…


As a way to “stir up interest” in a product that many of the buyers clearly don’t actually want to purchase, doubling the price is quite some tactic.

Perhaps the real aim is not actually to stir up interest at all?


Ahhhh, I see.

Yeah, I don’t see it.


Well €40,000 fine will fix it :woman_facepalming:t3:


Pocket change for a man like him I suspect!

Interesting how Bouard is the only person found to have done any wrong. Presumably the INAO knew nothing whatsoever about the affair. Nothing here to see, move on…

And what about B’s consultancy clients? this cannot reflect positively on their all important brand names, at the very least they might wish to have any payments returned. Bearing in mind that many of these Château are owned by global financial houses & have a duty to protect shareholder’s interests.

Spare a thought for those holder’s of many cases of Angelus - which might have dropped in value considerably.


I don’t follow this stuff like I used to and missed that Ausone and Cheval Blanc had pulled out of the classification. That’s gonna hurt. And I’m afraid people with lots of Angelus are pretty low on my list of those I feel sorry for. Not a bad glass of wine, if you like that sort of thing.


Exactly…Money clearly “talks”.

Money doesn’t talk it swears!

I guess you have to be of a certain age to remember that phrase :sunglasses:


Bob Dylan! (I’m 72).

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I have that song stuck in my head now! :+1:

Ordered two of these on Waitrose cellar today, anyone had any experience with this chateau? Seems to be the only red Bordeaux with age that isn’t too expensive.

It’s a well-known wine but a medium quality vintage and already 17 years old. I wouldn’t keep it too long if I were you.


Was planning to have over Christmas festivities so should suit nicely!

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