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So since other regions have their own discussion threads I thought I’d fire one up for Bordeaux!

For openers I was wondering if anyone has tried anything from these folk:

I seem to get on quite well with Moulis but have never tried this chateau and this seems like a reasonably priced mature offering from a good vintage to try them out with. Anyone had this wine before?

Well done Mike for starting this thread. I’ve only been a member for 3 years and I’ve learnt so much from the Rhône Rangers thread. Hopefully this thread will further my Bordeaux education.

I’ve had some really nice Bordeaux reds over the past 3 years but struggle to understand the underlying characteristics of Margaux vs Pessac vs St Emillion etc.

My highest rated Bordeaux in the past year was a 2012 Chateau Latour Martillac which was excellent. Sadly I’ve never seen it on TWS list.

Finally, sorry Mike I can’t help you on your request. I’ve never had this wine.


Edit. Rhône Rangers. Doh.


You can always sneakily go back and edit a typo with the little pencil icon below your post.

I find Margaux quite smooth and elegant, whereas St Emilion I find a bit fruitier but also a bit bolder somehow. Pessac is an area I’ve not explored much yet! :smiley:

I seem to recall that @Taffy-on-Tour loves the Latour Martillac, I’ve not tried it yet myself but it does appear in the EP offers some years ('19 had the white and '18 had the red).


This caught my eye in the new list.

No idea what to expect, but it’s a good vintage, plenty of time in the drinking window and very reasonable. Would be interested to see what others thought because I haven’t the foggiest.

Quite calm about posting this publicly. Though I haven’t bought any yet, there are still nearly 4,000 bottles left.


Cadillac Cotes is another area I’ve not tried yet. If you go for it I’d love to see your notes!

Applaud your adherence to alliteration.


We could have gone with Bordeaux Bores…

(I love a bit of claret, me)

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Bordeaux… where do you start? can range from ‘not-worth-cooking-with’ to ‘another planet expensive’ - so I guess we are talking about the in-betweens.

This is not so much an excellent wine, as an ‘interesting’ wine (although it is very good) - Domaine de Ile Margaux. I have 18 bottles maturing, of their first organic vintage 2015, featuring all 5 Bordeaux grapes (can you name them?). I think drinking 2025 at the earliest. Previous vintages have been variable - the 2007 was great, the 2001 well past it’s bedtime.

Its an island in the Gironde nearest to Ch Margaux. In fact the entire island is the vineyard. Naturally, you have to buy direct and pay for DHL, however the owner is brilliant and sorts everything out. They DO have a website - good luck finding it, as in all things French and internet it is clunky.


Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Malbec then with Marsalan, Touriga Nacional, Castets and Arinarnoa added last year because climate change.

(If I was being a real smart arse, I’d remember what all the white ones are too, but I can only remember Sauvignon Blanc, Semillion, Muscadelle and I think they’ve added Albariño).


I appreciate this is probably heresy but I’ve never really found a Bordeaux that’s made me think that my money wouldn’t have been better spent on a ‘Bourdeaux style’ blend from elsewhere in the world. What wine(s) on the current list (say for £20 or less) would people recommend to convert a Bordeaux skeptic?


Senejac. Lovely stuff and good value at £15.50 at the moment for the 2015.


Similar here…


Someone should definitely start that thread! @NickFoster…? :blush:


Where can we see how much stock is left?

Fixed that for you :wink::wink::wink::+1:


You need to add lots of bottles to your basket and then in your basket it tells you how many you can buy, just remember to take them out of your basket! I usually add 10,000 bottles and check what’s actually been put in the basket.


Thank you.

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Actually it’s six - also includes Carmenère.

On the new additions, do you know if they have been formally included now, or does that remain a proposal? I’m a bit iffy about Touriga Nacional - it’s a great grape undoubtedly, but I would have put more towards the Rhone blend end of things.


I believe as of last July they’re officially allowed. I don’t know if anyone has planted any of them yet.