The Bin#14 wild speculation thread

Looks like another forthcoming - announcement on Monday 22nd.

I’m pretty sure this one is a white. But what type?
(My guess is that it is Korean Aligote)


Chinese Chardonnay …can’t see a subtle clue

The bottle shape is saying South American to me for some reason. So I’m going Chilean roussanne

Anyone recognise this logo on the bottle?

That’s the logo from Star Trek. Its Klingon wine!


Or perhaps Romulan ale…

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I doubt it, the glass in the background has a pale gold liquid, not a blue one.

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Very logical :vulcan_salute:


From a galaxy far far away …!!!

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And yet someone will probably say that it is too mainstream and common, and not in keeping with the Bin Series ethos (and that they had a better one, from the producer next door, at a tasting a few years ago) :wink:


Time was you couldn’t get a good pan-galactic garglebaster anywhere outside beetlegeuse, now they’re selling canned ones in Aldi :yawning_face:


And that person will be me! It’s already available online, decent mixed case too :rofl:


Maybe it’s a fish? I sense a bottle from the Holy lands. Or perhaps Greece. Or Sardinia.

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I have two in mind.

  1. Trebbiano from Uruguay
  2. Something from Southern Italy (with all their varieties it could be anything e.g. Bombino Bianco, Zibibbo, Pampanuto etc…

Basing this on the same reasoning as @DrDave i.e., bottle shape.


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Would be a buy for me if it was

Not been much hype around this one at all. I need to place an order so will hold off and see what it is.

I think someone at the Society may have inadvertently revealed the identity of the new Bin Series #14 on the Italian Walkaround Tasting programme @TeresaGirao

Sounds delicious though!


Interesting. So it’s an Australian wine then.


Anyway, for anyone interested:

  1. Bin #014 Verdeca 2022
    The latest in our celebrated Bin Series, verdeca is almost exclusively grown in Puglia. Vibrant,
    with citrus and sweet-apricot aromas, and peach and fennel developing on the gentle palate.
    Drink now to 2025. xx%
    Ref: IT37671 £11.50 bottle | £138 dozen

The wine and description also show up in the Italian Exploration Case (MX23121) which it is included in.

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