The Best of Bordeaux offer [Mar 18]

This just landed amid Rhone EP anticipation and Burgundy EP conundrum. I can see some appetising wines at all price levels. Might get a bottle or two… there is definitely a near Bordeaux sized gap in my wine experience.

Ah good spot! I have definitely been neglecting claret over the last few months for one reason or another. Here is the way back in. Some of the mature wines look like great value.

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Thank you for the heads up. If my Rhone EP doesn’t come good, this migt be just the thing to cheer me up!

I’ve just had a little scan down this list. In the last few years i’ve been allocated the Rauzan-Segla and the Brane-Cantenac in my vintage cellar plan. Both £15/bottle cheaper than on this list.

Again a huge plus for the VCP, as i assume this sort of thing happens a lot.

The downside being, someone else is allocating it for you, which i don’t mind, but people who derive the pleasure from selecting themselves may not like this system quite so much.