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The Best of Australia and New Zealand


The Best of Australia and New Zealand

New showcase just landed online… anyone tempted? 11 Pinot Noirs from good names among other things. These wines are just too tempting…


There has been too much temptation recently, but the Kumeu River mixed Chardonnay case is calling.


Always wanted to try Le Sol but have spent so much recently i don’t know if i can justify ordering it.


Wallet says ‘no’.


I am extremely tempted.
I’m also extremely skint…


Maybe a bottle of PN and a bottle of Chardonnay… both a bit older. Given the autumn FWL did not actually tempt me in the end, should be okay.


That’s very similar to the internal conversations I have with myself on almost a daily basis… :rofl:


Oh yes.

checks bank balance again

checks all other accounts and down the sofa again

“I can’t miss out, this stuff is going to fly out of stock”

“Maybe I won’t spend as much at Christmas as normal”

“I’m sure there’s somewhere to keep it”

“Maybe don’t arrange delivery for the day my wife works from home”

Fortunately (or not) I still haven’t confirmed my order for October. There are some wines there that hit my sweet spot (older Kumeu vintages particularly). I never realised I was so covetous!


Some very tempting wines that’s for sure but my annual reserves bill is due next month as well as the direct debit on the Beaujolais EP and a case from the recent FWL. I’m already living on the contents of the freezer. Enough is enough !

I shall just have to console myself with the pulled reserves for pick up on Friday. Yay !


This is something I’m considering. 17.5/20 from Jancis Robinson, single vineyard Kumeu wines really need a bit of time, which this has.

Dead Arm is a good Shiraz to keep a few years. The 1998 was superb in 2016.

I’ll be mostly buying from the long and varied clearance list, a lot of favourites there!


Oh, my wine buying strategy in a nutshell :wink:


You and me, both! And probably quite a few other sneaky souls on this forum!


And then she decides to work from home on ‘that’ day after all. You know, ‘that’ day the red van of joy pays a visit…


MY GOD!! There are some seriously good wines on that list…I don’t even want to think about how much money has been spend this year on wine including EP offers and the massive haul from France :confounded::hammer:…… However……………


But if it’s a day when she’s not at home I have to rely on the rely on the charity (and abstinence) of
my neighbours, also hoping that they will be home at the time of delivery (no safe place)


Funnily (possibly only to me), Cullen Kevin John Chardonnay 2013 has a picture of the label of the 2012 on the website. This is one of the bottles I’ll order… along with the Seresin Sun and Moon Marlborough Pinot Noir 2012. Age before beauty…

What is in your basket [Sept-Oct 2019]

I’m way over budget this year already, and Brunello hasnt even landed yet, so I’m def out. Should have paid more attention in school.


This is the first time that I can recall that the new vintage of Kumeu River Hunting Hill is being offered in a 6-case as opposed to a 12-case which is a positive development (or is it negative given the underlying hum of this thread?).


Definitely positive, both from the perspective of a limited budget and potentially making it more widely available. You can always buy 2 boxes if you want 12 bottles.


Oh man I’m dreading that…