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The Barolo offer


Firstly I am new here so apologies if I go off track.

Secondly thanks to the wine society for emailing me about this offer (I am smarting a little less about the Chave 2015).

However I am looking at it somewhat blankly. I like Barolo but I have been stung by some rather bland and expensive versions. The word on the street seems to be that 2015 is a good ripe vintage which suits me fine. I bought the Pio Cesare from the last offer (2013) but have yet to try it. Although I have pretensions to like old school wines I must admit I do like a bit of fruit and depth, but not oak so much. I thought I would put a toe into the Burlotto wines which seem to have attracted a lot of attention.

Thoughts, suggestions, advice please.


If you follow this link you can join the en primeur group, which will open up EP topics for you, including one on the Barolo 2015 offer.


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