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The Ashes [2019]


I’m sure I’m not alone in knowing that this series is going to be absorbing a lot of my time over the next few weeks. Australia have won the toss and are batting - can’t wait for it to start!


You’re not alone - off to a good start!


Productivity at work not at its best today!


Great start from England, and we bowled very well in the first hour. Steve Smith looks like an immovable object now though. Nicely set up for a good afternoon session.


…and now I’m hearing that Jimmy Anderson is going for a scan on his calf. That’s not good news at all.


When we lost the toss I’d have taken the score at tea! Still have to bat with our shaky lineup though, let’s see how this match evolves!


There will be ups, downs, hand wringing, joy,frustration and all the other emotions being an England cricket fan entails.

Today has mainly been ups followed by frustration in the final session.

I’ve taken the opportunity to place an order from The Society to top up my budget wines and even included a few Aussies. When it comes to wine I’m impartial. :face_with_monocle:


If England are going to keep picking Moeen, and I’m not sure there’s a better spin option, then surely it’s time to drop the pretence that he’s some sort of all rounder. He’s not anymore. He’s a 10 or 11.

Still, overall this has been a decent knock for England. Pleasantly surprised by Burns!


Moeen’s problem is that whilst he does take a good few wickets he doesn’t give the control that a top class spinner should.

Don’t agree that he is a 10 or 11 bat. He has been mucked around a lot in the batting order which hasn’t helped.


Just back from first 3 days. Proper Test cricket, with an intensity about it. England being a bowler down may be the deciding factor I think.


I think Moeen is capable of batting well enough to be higher up than 10, but my worry is that he has no defensive game at all. I can’t remember the last time I saw him bat effectively to the situation. Whenever we need him to stick and hold up an end he gets himself out playing huge attacking shots. If he’s at 10, it almost gives him license to play his game and have a bit of a swing. But at 8, we’ll need him to bat sensibly and stay in from time to time, and I have no confidence in him ever doing it. Give me Woakes in that situation any day of the week. I’m not sure I’d put Broad in ahead of him normally, but the way Moeen’s batting over the last year I would right now.

Smith is absolutely on top of his game at the moment. It reminds me of Graeme Smith’s first tour over here when we seemed to have no clue how to get him out.


Well you couldn’t accuse him of that this time! :slight_smile:

The slow paced wicket is suiting Smith I think. I would like to see him play Archer on a quickish pitch. Their batting was poor on Day 1 and we didn’t quite capitalise on it unfortunately. Siddle is a useful number 10. Burns grafted well, but too many gave their wickets away again. Shot players who went at the ball got out.


Frustrating that we could well lose a game that we’ve had three great chances to win. Ah, English cricket!!!


Three? Once England let Aussies off the hook at 122-8 the Aussies were right back in it. Never take the foot off the throat.

I said at the time Anderson went off on Thursday that it may well cost England the game…bowler light.


122-8 was clearly the big chance, but at 267-4 overnight there was a great chance to capitalise and having Australia 3 wickets down before they’d reached parity in the second innings was another strong position

Burns out early. I hope we can make a fight of this…

Agree Anderson was a huge blow


The problem is that there weren’t really any chances not taken. It was good batting, some less good bowling and a flatter pitch.

Anderson was the game changer for me as Stokes bowled poorly in the first innings. Far too short.


My favourite piece of commentary from the match so far came from Boycott on TMS on Thursday while England were bowling:
‘This is rubbish from Stokes’.
And it was.

He’s been rather better since then though, and any hope we have for saving the game is now surely resting on his shoulders. If Bairstow can hang about with him for a bit and find a bit of form that would be a bonus. I was optimistic that we might save the game this morning, but I can’t see it happening now.


4 minutes later, and Stokes and Bairstow are both gone! Oh dear.




I’m just going to close this thread down now…