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The Ashes 17/18


So it’s finally here.
Not sure if there are many cricket fans on here, but thought would start a thread in case.
If a close series could be some late nights with a bottle of wine or port in store!
England have won toss and are batting…



Count me in.
Went to sleep listening to BBC commentary, now catching up with BT Sport.
The one guarantee is that it will be a tough tour.
I do hope that Ben Stokes can get out there and make a contribution.:sparkles::crossed_fingers:


Seem to have done ok so far


Loved this tweet:


Think I would’ve taken 196-4 at the start of the day, and particularly after Cook fell early.
Frustration of losing a wicket to a run out aside, not a bad first day.


Old fashioned Test cricket and none the worse for that…

…very important to get off to a good start at the Gabba, which England often fail to do. I’m hoping that 6,7,8 come off the way they have for last couple of years. Bat, bat and keep batting…first hour going to be really important tonight…


Must be Exhibition Tawny Port with Garibaldi biscuits. Its just the thing for late nigjt snacking.


Has this thread already run out of juice … rather like the England team? FWIW I believe England can get back to winning ways in Adelaide, then we’ll see. I still think England can sneak the series.


Well, just goes to show what happens when you start believing they stand a chance …

your hopes get dashed

It used be like that with Scottish rugby too … but considering that change of fortune, … who knows, heh!?


Still enjoyed the Port and biscuits…


Can only commend your optimism.


Hey, Scotland thrashed the Aussies at Rugby. Anything can happen!


I think the rugby result, if not the magnitude, was more likely than England winning in Brisbane. Bowling attack is one dimensional, and England’s lefties a bit exposed against a half decent off spinner…


True - England just not strong enough throughout - or rather strong but vulnerable.


Think I’ll roll out the Maury Solera 1928 for Adelaide. Hopefully it will inspire the boys to try harder…


I don’t think we will make the run chase, but it is at least encouraging to see us putting up a bit of a fight (so far…)


Well well. Could it happen??..

Maury and Garibaldis at the ready for 3am @Britain_e


To be honest I’d written this one off, but we seem to be close to escaping the jaws of defeat.

Better get some more biscuits… And another bottle.


I recorded last night’s cricket more in hope than expectation, and had only watched a bit today before going to a funeral of a ‘legend’ from my own cricket club. It was too much to hope that no one told me the close of play score when amongst so many present and former cricketers…


It was optimistic to hope we could salvage the win. Poor bowling on day 1 was the main issue, although why the Australians didn’t force the follow-on baffled me.

On the plus side…the Maury was excellent.